Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sunday Ride - Hahndorf aka the Marshmallow Ride

With our second beach ride in a row being weather effected, it was duly noted and discontent was expressed about the lack of familiar faces who turned up and some noticeable regulars who appear to be MIA.

The unanimous decision by those in attendance was that some rabble rousing was in order, with words being thrown around like 

Marshmallows, Nancy, Drink a cup of Cement and harden the **** up and even softc****.

This weeks ride was supposed to be the epic loop out to Meadows returning via Windy Point (Hills direction) . It has now been shortened to the familiar Hahndorf loop via River Road to give some extra encouragement to all.


  • meet in City at 7:30am at Hindmarsh Sq, or 
  • feel free to set your own pace up the Freeway and meet at the Bollards at 8:30am.***

As usual, there will be heaps of different options for the return loop home, depending on how the pins are feeling

On a serious note we are talking a current forecast for the city for Sunday of 29 degrees, sunny and light winds, so we expect absolute peak riding conditions for the hills. With the woeful weather we have seen over the last period (seemingly forever) these days are to be savoured.

So, hopefully the sunshine incubates some testosterone in those missing, 

If it doesn’t then maybe this will help on the priniciple the higher the quality of the LOTW the bigger the turnout on Sunday

It will be great to see you all out on Sunday.

*** For the new Guys the Bollards we are referring too are the Crafers ones at the top of the South Eastern Freeway bike track. Generaly the slow guys will head up at thier own pace rather than go to the city.