Sunday, June 11, 2017

Men Down


Unfortunately today the group had a bad accident in the Hills with both Brian Virgo and Mike Tilley falling on Woods Hill road near the Cold Store.

I wasn't riding so I will let someone who was there give a detailed explanation of the crash. It appears Mike fell first and Brian crashed into him. Brian suspects he may have hit a tree.

Brian is the most badly hurt and was taken to the RAH. He has suffered 6 broken ribs, a minor puncture to the lung and a broken collar bone. They are also concerned about his AC Joint (shoulder) but will know more tomorrow. He is comfortable and in good spirits. He will be in the RAH for 4-5 days depending upon lungs and shoulder. He didn't lose a lot of skin which is a small mercy. A CT scan has given him the all clear for his head, neck and spine.

I have far less information on Mike. He didn't go to hospital and from my information he has lost some skin and is bruised and banged up.  

The BG wish both Brian and Mike a speedy recovery.

More information as I have it.