Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Gavin has set up SNEAKY cycles - he's got wheels, a nice kit, plus stems and bits by Extralite. Frame-sets are in the pipeline. Check out insta for some pics of SNEAKY wares:

He's got a set of the SNEAKY CU35 full carbon wheels as a test pilot. Initial testing is in... and results are good. The CU35 test pilot wheel set is available for loan in ADL so let me know if you're interested in a test ride or two. 

Height – 35mm
Width – 25mm outer, 19mm inner
Shape – U Shape aero
Tubeless compatible
Spoke count 20/24
Weight 1365g

BG pricing $999 for wheels only inclusive of rim tape – based on US exchange rate of .70 (basically sharing the love should this be different on a pro rata basis).

Out the box - neat, nice sneaky black decals, carbon weave brake surface with nude body, white logo on the hub, neat, very sneaky. First thing you note is they are light! The wide U shaped rim looks and feels nice in hand.

On the bike, the CU35's feel great in the wind, make quick adjustments to line and the lean is very responsive thanks to the mid depth 35mm U section rim. They don't grab gusts of wind like my 45 or 50mm traditional 'V' profile shaped rims. I'm no wind tunnel but they feel just as quick as my 45mm deep rims, holding 50kms swapping off, while training on the flats has not been a problem. Power climbing and sprints feel responsive, quick engaging sprawl in the hub picks up the power quick off the mark or out the corner. 

Noteworthy smooth ride, with wide rim body matched up to a 25mm tyre, just squeezed into the Propel. Little bit of flex in the wheelset, gives it a snap and smoothes out the bumps. If you have never ridden carbon rims, these will feel buttery smooth! Breaking surface inspires confidence and it has that nice Zipp hum under breaking.

The 35mm deep rim is great if you want to run one set of wheels and not think about swapping for crosswinds etc. A one-stop wheelset for a BG. Deep enough to get aero benefits, without catching the crosswind, and light for the climbing effort. 

Two Rim sizes:
35mm for all purpose set 
55mm for getting committed to aero or 
Mullet combo 35/55 best of both worlds!

The CU35+ or CU55+ option Extralite hubs, wider spoke arrangement and Stainless Steel or Sapim CXray spokes, weighing in about 1250g. 

Tubular available
Disk options available
Can do a CX wheel or 29er also.

Custom options available no problems, if you're after a set for the larger man, with extra spokes added for bigger, taller and or stronger riders, or just if you like em stiff. 24/28 spoke count options available. Anything else special Gav is happy to discuss. 

Extralite gear is available, SNEAKY will be stocking stems, stem plugs etc.
Brake Pads, Rim tape, skewers & tubeless valves also available at BG rates.

This is one upgrade worth doing, the wheel set is doing so much of the work in converting all the forces in the bicycle in to motion. So next time you're spoiling yourself with a new wheels hit up GAV for a BG special! Hit him up for a kit (tested, also great) if you're after an option to give the BG kit a rest during your mid week secret sneaky training sessions!