Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sunday Ride - Hills Less Travelled - Three Gorges + LOTW + Beach Ride alternate

This Sundays Ride is the Hills Traverse or Three Gorges Ride

The Route is 

Outbound: City to the Parade, Parade to Tower Hotel, Gorge Road to Cudlee Creek, Gorge Road to Torrens Valley Road, Torrens Valley Road to Birdwood

Coffee at the Birdwood 

Return: There are various return journeys possible to be discussed at coffee. 

  • Out and Back
  • Via Mt Torrens /Lobethal
  • Via Burfords Hill Rd - Gumeracha
  • Full traverse via Amy Gillet Bike way 
The Weather forecast  for Sunday is Slight chance of showers with light winds

Meeting times 8:00 am in the city 8:30 am at the Tower Hotel 

Beach Ride 
In regognition that we have a extra hills ride in April, there will also be a beach ride leaving from the city at 8:00am for anyone not keen on the vertical metres.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sunday Ride - Hahndorf

This Sundays ride is to Hahndorf via the freeway and Algate valley road in order to get our fix of baked goods. Like we havent had enough of those over easter.

  • Meet in the City at 8:00am
  • or the Tollgate at 8:30 am
  • or the Bollards at 9:00

Return routes will be discussed with mouths full of Strudel.....or beer.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Sunday Roll is Hallett Cove

For those of you looking for  Ride this Easter Sunday to burn off that hot cross bun induced carb loading.

The BG Easter Sunday Roll will be Hallet Cove 

Meeting Time is 8am in the City

Happy Easter

Monday, April 10, 2017

1000 k's For Kids Entertainment Book

The ENTERTAINMENT books for 1000k's for Kids have arrived  

If you want one come and see Dan with cash!

Or……same thing……go to

There you can pay by card and either go for the book version or the mobile APP version.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sunday Ride is the Kat Killer Klassic

Kat Killer Klassic
We are not a bunch of racists. More pet lovers with a twisted streak.
Meet Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00 am or the Tower Hotel Car park @ 8.30 am

KKK Lobethal loop - Norton's - Forest Range - Lenswood - Lobethal
Cudlee Creek - Gorge - Adelaide - Approx 76km

Short cut : From Lenswood - Fox Creek (Coldstore Rd) - Cudlee Creek - Gorge - ADL. 69km
Long Cut : (need more training?) Gorge - Corkscrew Rd - Montacute Rd - Adelaide

Cudlee Creek cafe for coffee.

The Kat Killer Klassic honors the anniversary of one cats tragic death and Dave C spectacular fall. For those not in the know early 2009 David C, an original BG and mad cyclist took a bad fall when his paths crossed with a suicidal kitty that resulted in the cat ending up in Dave’s front wheel and subsequently jamming into his fork effectively stopping his front wheel ‘dead’ and ejecting him at speed into the bitumen. The cat survived the ordeal but passed later that night.

As always the BG can’t thank the owner of the cat enough for her assistance with an unconscious David and we respectfully hope the cats death was not to traumatic – R.I.P.P.

As always we will pause briefly at the crash site so that those who were there can recount the events of that fateful day.

BG Lunch
I was going to try and organise a BG Lunch for this ride. It hasnt happened again however we can see who is keen for up for second breakfast once we hit town. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

BG NO EXCUSES Club Ride and the end of Daylight savings


This Sunday the No-Excuses ride. The weather will be kind this weekend

WHEN: 8:00 am Sunday Morning

WHERE: Hindmarsh Square in the City
ROUTE: Port Rd – Outer Harbor – Glenelg – Anzac Hwy – Home
COFFEE: At the Glenelg Marina

Daylight savings ends this Sunday so remember to set your clocks. As per normal we shift to out later winter start time of 8:00am. Thats 90 minutes extra sleep people  and with a good day there should be No Excuses and we should see everyone there at 8:00am. 

See you Sunday. 

Did I mention that the ride starts at 8:00am 


First Law of BG: The number of riders on any given Sunday is directly proportional to the quality of the most recent LOTW.

Friday, March 24, 2017

1000'ks for kid training ride


There is a 1000'ks for Kids training ride this saturday morning in case anyone is interested in joining. The ride departs the Adelaide Bowls Club at 7:15 and goes to Galwer via the Freeway and Bollards. The Pace is described as Slow as there are many new riders. Distance 105km

Thanks to Phil for the heads up.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunday Ride - Split Bunch Ride

This Sunday is our first experiement with a Split Bunch Hills Ride to 

  • Hahndorf  via Echunga for the slow riders 80km or
  • Strathabyn via Echunga / Maccelsfield 110km for the fast riders
The aim is to let the fast guys put the hammer down without having to sit up and give the slow guys a break from chewing the handlebar leather.

Meeting Times 
  • Meet in the City at 7:30 am
  • Meet at the Bollards 8:30 am

The format of the Ride is as follows. Congregate at the Bollards (talk s**t), regroup after the descent in Mylor (talk some more s**t). A normal BG pace out to Echunga where we will regroup (finalise any s**t we are talking). 

At which point the fast group will go on to Stathalbyn at ungentlemanly pace.  The loop home depends upon who from the fast group I talk too. I am setting the route as return via the same route.

The slow group will then proceed at a slower pace (but still working guys) back to Hahndorf the route home is set for GermanTown hill but we can decide at cofee.  

The weather forecast is for 30 degrees,Cloudy with Light winds

See you Sunday
Fast Group (love the helmet)

Slow Group

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sunday Ride - Outer Harbor via Port Rd

This Sundays Ride is Outer harbor via Port Road. We cant go via Anzac Highway as its the city bay fun run this weekend. We will have to go the City exit less travelled as is normal on this weekend every year.

Meet in the City at 7:30am 

at the time of publishing the Weather looks good.

See you Sunday.