Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sunday Ride - The Epic - Meadows Loop - Will not be a smash fest

This weeks ride is the Meadows loop southerly direction. Numbers have been down so the consensus on the ride was not to reschedule but make this ride more approachable. We are going to Meadows but it will not be a smash fest. The group will regroup at the top of each climb. As its the Southerly Direction we will meet in the City and ride out as a group

Meet in the City at 7:30 am 

The route: 

There are escape routes available, either toward the beach via Cement Hill or via Crafers.

See you Sunday. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sunday Ride - Outer Harbor via Anzac Hwy

This Sundays ride is Outer Harbor via Anzac Hwy. 

Meet in the City at 7:30 am

The Route will be Anzac Hwy, Military Rd, Outer Harbor via the Esplanade, Return

Coffee at Glenelg. 

Number have been absolutely shocking so lets make the effort and get out this Friday.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sunday Ride - Pain Series - Brian Returns

Brian Returns 
Last Sunday morning the post Grand Final blues were greatly improved by a familiar sight of Brian  waiting for the ride in the City. He is slightly skinnier ( yes hard to believe) and a bit off his usual game but definitely back on the bike. We held a leisurely pace and Brian was with us to Glenelg and back. Well done mate  great to see you back.

This Sunday - Pain Lives Here

Pain lives here or Hard'n Up or Soft Option. As always all options have the added short cut of going down Greenhill Rd or Nortons to cut out Mt Lofty. Coffee spot nominated on the morning.

Pain lives here - 72km : Norton’s – Ashton – Basket Range – Forest Range – Lenswood - Swamp Rd – Greenhill Rd – Carey Gully – Uraidla – Greenhill Rd – Lofty - Norwood.
Harden up - 58km :  Norton’s – Ashton – Basket Range – Forest Range (climb) – Deviation Rd (shortcut) – Carey Gully – Uraidla – Greenhill Rd – Lofty - Norwood.
Soft option - 49km : Norton’s – Ashton – Basket Range – Range Rd (shortcut) – Uraidla – Greenhill Rd – Lofty - Norwood.

Meet at 
     7:30 am in the City 
     8:00 am at the Tower Hotel 

Sorry for the brief post. Travelling at the moment.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sunday No Excuses Club Ride and Grand Final Hangover relief

Sunday is the No Excuses Ride 

Meeting Time is 8:00 am in the City

Usual route Port Road, Outer Harbor, Glenelg

As daylights saving commences and there will probably be a few post Grand Final hangovers we will leave the meeting time at 8:00 am as it was meant to move to summer time this week.

From next week we will revert to summer starting time.  

The weather looks like it is going to be awesome: 18 degrees, Partly cloudy. Light winds. 

So, No Excuses. 

Even if you just roll up for a Grand Final postmortem and Celebrate, Gloat, Wince, "Make Excuses" or "Refuse to Discuss" depending upon who you follow and what the score is. 

PS: Make sure you follow Phil and Dan on the Camp Quality 1000k's for Kids ride. Hopefully they will be in a country pub somewhere on Saturday Afternoon.

Go The Crows! 

Now I have got that out of my system, apologies to all the Power Supporters 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sunday Ride - weather call and 1000k's for kids

1000k's for Kids

This Sundays ride was originally planned as a Escort ride for the 1000k's for kids riders in support of  Dan and Phil as they head off a 8 day tour of the state. The BG were going to try to keep them out of the wind for the first 50km or so as we suspect Dan and Phil are going to spend a bit of time of the front. Unfortunately escort duties are a non starter. However lets see if we can get a couple of BG's down to the 

Adelaide Bowls Club on Dequetteville Tce (Rymill park) at 7:15am to see them off.

Sunday Ride

The weather is looking dodgy for Sunday. As we have no set ride for this week we will meet in the city and  decide on options from there.

            Meet in the City at 8:00 am

Monday, September 18, 2017


The kit store will be opening again in the next week or so, with orders through to late October and kit (hopefully) arriving by Christmas. What an excellent stocking filler to go with the bike you haven't told your dearly beloved that you have purchased yet...

Assos tB.laalaLai Bib Shorts Piton

We are looking into a bulk sock order also to avoid minimum purchases on some of the sock lines.

Further details will be posted shortly.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Sunday Ride - Port Road OH


Sorry for the very late post this week. This Sunday we have the first clanger in the Ride Guide. It was meant to be Hallett Cove but we would have a route clash with the City-Bay fun run.

Hence a late change to Outer Harbor via Port Road

Meet in the city at 8:00am 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sunday Ride - Cudlee Creek

It looks like the foul weather will finally break for the weekend. So time to get out and enjoy the Hills.

The planned route for Sunday is  Cudlee Creek via the Gorge, Coffee at the Cudlee Cafe and then a return via Fox Creek, Lenswood, Forrest Range.

For those feeling their fitness levels are down a return down the Gorge is a option.

              Meet 8:00am in the City 
              or      8:30am at the Tower Hotel

I have been watching a bit of the La Vuelta, while getting over this flu. Brutal stages as usual. Stage 20 looks like fun.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sunday is the No Excuses Ride

This Sunday is the No Excuses club ride.

   Meet Sunday Morning at 8:00 am in the City

As per normal the Route is Port Road, Outer Harbor and then Glenelg for Coffee.

Contact List

Can I also remind everyone to send me their contact details if you haven't done so already.