Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sunday Ride - TDU Reconnaissance

Gee where did the year go. 

It time for the annual TDU reconnaissance ride. Make an effort to come out because of the double out and back route for the TDU this year there are many shorter options to consider for those after a more standard ride. 

7:30 am in the City
8:00 am at the Tower 

 The actual TDU Route is here.

Our Plan

  • City to the Tower - Pick up the Tower Hotel crew
  • Tower Hotel to Gorge Road
  • Gorge Road to Kangaroo Creek (regroup)
  • Escape Route 1 (Ride through to Cudlee Creek for a coffee and then return 65 km)
  • Left on Tippet Road to Torrens Valley Rd
  • Torrens Valley to Gumeracha 
  • Escape Route 2 (Return via upper gorge, 75km)
  • Torrens Valley Rd to Birdwood - Coffee at Birdwood 
  • Escape Route 3 (Return via upper gorge, 85km)
  • At this point we will deviate from the TDU Route in the interests of a reasonable finish time. Instead of looping out to Mt Pleasant we will ride direct to Mt Torrens (20 km shorter)
  • Onkaparinga Valley Rd to Mt Torrens and then to Charleston. (We will consider the bikeway to avoid the road and maybe ride direct to Lobethal to save 5km)
  • Woodside St to Lobethal
  • Escape Route 4 (Return via Lobethal-Cudlee Creek Rd 100km)
  • Lobethal Rd to Lenswood
  • Not Really an Escape Route 5 (Home via Nortons  95 km)
  • Coldstore Road, Fox Creek Rd, Cuddle Creek rd, 
  • Water stop at Cudlee Creek by consensus
  • Gorge Rd to Maryvale Rd
  • Escape Route 4 (End the ride and go home 110 km)
  • Maryvale, Montecute, Stradbroke, Morialta, Glen Stuart
  • Norton Summit - the Tree
  • Home  120km

Unfortunately Brian is unavailable to lead us so the post of Road captain is open. 

See you Sunday

Quote of the Year. (By the Sunday's drop in)

If this big boy (Mike) looses 10kg you boys are all f@*#$d

This may help those slightly confused on Sunday

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sunday Ride - Beach Ride

Sunday Ride is a beach ride.

It was Scheduled as Hallett Cove but as we did that ride ride recently we will do the Port Rd - Outer Harbor loop. 

Meet in the City at 7:30 am

Monday, November 13, 2017


EDIT - Kit Store is now open until Sunday 19 November 2017.

So, here are some charts that explain the CS range with less words...

Here is the sizing:

Here is the range:

 Here are the shorts:

We've requested the store to remain open until Sunday night, and will confirm this once Champion System get back to us.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sunday Ride - Southern Hills - Stirling/ Lofty via Coromandel Valley

Thus Sunday's Ride is one the New Hills loops suggested by Dan that we pioneered last year. The exception is that this year we wont get lost and have to climb up a 18% ramp on Red Hill rd to get back to Bradbury.

Meet in in the City at 7:30 am 

The Route  

Unley Rd / Belair Rd to Windy Point - Main Road to Cherry Gardens Rd - Cherry Gardens Rd to Iron Bank Rd, Right hand turn to Morgan Rd, Morgan Rd to Woolcock rd, Woolcock rd to  Bradbury Rd at Bradbury, Bradbury Rd to Mylor

 Coffee at Mylor (40km) (Stirling was packed last time)

Home via Crafers or My Lofty depending upon energy levels

70km if home via the Bike Track, 77km if home via lofty. 1400 m of elevation gain if you go home over lofty.

Monday, November 6, 2017


I few weeks ago, I was at a hotel perusing the the long list of craft beers available for purchase. Clearly I was taking longer than acceptable and occupying to much bar space, as the kind gentleman behind the bar suggested a beer to me. His sales pitch was that his recommended ale was 'sessionable'.

I'm not really sure 'sessionable' is a word, but who gives, we live in interesting times.

Anyway, the Champion System website is certainly sessionable, in that your session will time out many, many times before you have a chance to work out what the f**k you have to do to order some kit. Not to mention it is so ugly that is certainly doesn't befit BG kit.

Anyway, let me break it down.

You select product following the following steps:

1. Select the product Type (kicks, jerseys, gloves etc).
2. Select the product (e.g. short sleeve club cut jersey) and range (Tech, Performance, Apex)
3. Select the size & options

There are three ranges of product:

Tech - base level product
Performance - mid level product
Apex - top level product

Apparently, there is another level called Fantasy which features zips that don't break after about three uses... Seriously, if anyone has had zips fail from the order in 2016 and you still have the product, could you URGENTLY email Aldo with details (the product, size and options and details of when the zip broke) so I can try and get a warranty claim done during this order.

Jerseys are in two cuts:

Race Cut - Suitable for a BMI of 20 or less
Club Cut - More appropriate for human beings

Jerseys also have normal ranges and summer ranges. Summer ranges are lighter weight, however I don't believe they are SPF 50+.

Knicks have two choices of chamois:

Veloce - I get these
Grandfondo - I don't get these, so wont vouch for them - Billsy had one and described it as like wearing a nappy (I can't remember wearing a nappy, so am not quite sure how he made such a comparison)

Tech knicks can be ordered with 1.5 inches of extra length and Performance and Apex knicks can be ordered with 1.5 or 2.5 inches of extra length.

You select the chamois and length AFTER you select the product and range.

Best of luck.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sunday No Excuses

Sunday is the No Excuses Ride 

Meeting Time is 7:30 am in the City

The usual route Port Road, Outer Harbor, Glenelg however if we have a set of people doing the Fleurieu Gran Fondo Festival (what was Amy's Ride) we will modify the route to ride South and drop them off prior to heading to the beach.

The change from Amy's ride seems to have left people cold and hence a bit uncertain. Can I please ask you to email me if you intend to Ride the Gran Fondo. We will see if we can co-ordinate the BG group.

We have had good numbers all month so head out on Sunday and catch up with everyone.

The weather looks okay. 

So, No Excuses. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017


New kit is now available to order, but get in quick as orders close on 14 NOVEMBER 2017.

Champion System have substantially revised their range, so we have updated our proofs and have an enhanced range from which you can order. By following these step by step instructions you should have no problems ordering and paying for your order online.
If you've ordered before you can use your existing CS DIRECT account:
  1. Head to and log in using your existing account details
If you are ordering for the first time follow the basic steps below to place your CS DIRECT team order:
  1. Surf to
  2. Top right hand corner click SIGN IN
  3. Select RETURNING CUSTOMER (even though you are not)
  4. You will be presented with a login page. Here you need to enter the username and password (both are "bast")
  5. You will then be presented with a personal login page where you will be required to set up your own individual account
Once you have logged in:
  1. Once this is done you will see the MY ACCOUNT page where your CS DIRECT TEAM order will be listed – simply click ORDER NOW
  2. You will be presented with the MY CUSTOM ORDER PAGE. Here you can order the items you want for your team order. You will see the designs that have been set for your team. Simply select the item you are after, follow the order process, enter size and quantity just like any other online store shopping cart. As you follow the process you will be asked to confirm your order – you can add more items or checkout
  3. Once you finish the order process you will be presented with the payment page. The only payment method accepted is credit card. You will also note at this stage that the CS DIRECT administration fee has been applied to your total. Once you confirm your payment an order summary will be emailed directly to you
  4. Delivery – Your order will be delivered to me 46 weeks after your team CS DIRECT order is closed.
Your order will be individually packed and delivered with all your other team member orders
and freighted to me for distribution.

You’ll need to know what sizes you want, for each bit of kit. I'll put another post up with some links to size guides later this week. I'm also going to see if I can coordinate some sock orders.


Friday, October 27, 2017


Hi All

Get your junk in some sexy new spandex.

Here is the link. More detailed post, with instructions for those who haven't ordered before, to come shortly.

Closing 14 November 2017.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sunday Ride - Beach Ride - Hallett Cove

The Ride calendar had booked Hahndorf the hard way but as a few people are looking at doing the ride that has replaced Amy's ride we will swap that for Medium hills down to Hallett cove.

Meet in the City at 7:30am

The exact Route will be decided Sunday when we have a bit more info on Road works but given the last few rides I think we will take Anzac Hwy to begin with.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Meadows Epic Hills - Ride Report

Eleven BG headed out this Sunday morning to take on the rarely sighted southerly Meadows loop. As promised it wasn't a smash fest and the pace was gentlemeny.  The day was fantastic if a little chilly, no wind to speak of and apart form some "wet air" we encountered out of Kanagarilla the weather kept up its end of the bargain. Special mentions.

  • Mike T who suddenly appeared as we were regrouping at the top of of the climb out of Calrendon. He had heard it wasn't going to be a smash fest. He thought that was a bit wussy so came out after a bucks show, suffered a flat and then chased us down. He did suffer all they way round. Hopefully helped the hangover.
  • Steve B who has been off the bike weeks  longer than he really wanted to be but came out for the big ride anyway. He was in the hurt locker but ground it out.
  • Brian who capped off his return to riding with the Epic. He sent me the note below to post
Great Day

I would like to thank all the Bastardi that came on the ride to Meadows today. You might not realise how much this meant to me and how it reinstated so much of my lost confidence both mentally and physically. There has been times during the last months when I thought I would never again be able to do what we did today. I had a great sense of relief and satisfaction in what I achieved today - as hard as it was!
Thanks to John for keeping the pace sensible on the way home, and Stevo for getting me home.
It was great to see Steve, Dan and especially Big Mike who all gave me a lot of support over the journey, but today was the first day we have been back on the bikes together.
Sorry, I left my great wing-man Aldo behind after he has paced me back into riding over the last 3 weeks - I must be on the mend!!


Photos, thanks to Dan