Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sunday Ride - Outer Harbor via Port Rd

This Sundays Ride is Outer Harbor via Port Road. 

Meet in the city at 8:00 am 

 As per normal with Winter the actual ride route will be decided by the riders gathered in the morning.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sunday Ride - Hallett Cove

The Ride
This Sundays Ride is Scheduled out to Hallett Cove. Numbers have been down so just a reminder is that we are on the Winter Ride schedule and we will only do hills if the weather is very favorable.

Meet 8:00 am in the City

Brian and Mike's stack one year Anniversary. 
It's been a year since the accident and its great to see Brian riding again and still recovering. All the BG wish him the best and hope we don't have to go through that again.

BG 10 Year Anniversary 
As you know the tenth Anniversary of the day that the four intrepid BG daddy's decided to take a winters bike ride to the Beach is almost upon us. I will publish details of our plans to celebrate via email shortly in the hope that people will contact people who have ridden with us in the past for a general catch up.

Just to get the Nostalgia really happening, here is the very first Blog post from Frank setting out the only BG club rule that really matters.

If you enjoy a good hit out on the bike and are after some company then you are welcome to join the BG.

The only policy is: any one is welcome aslong as you are not a dick! If you are a dick please don't try and come out with us, if your not sureif you are a dick or not, we will let you know pretty quickly.

Rides are conducted to include many differing skill levels and abilities and are designed to be inclusive (just no dicks!). We don't mind a bit of a race to stretch the legs, just at nominated points, and we even run handicap hill climbs so every one can have a crack!

Rides are around 50 - 100km with a mixture of hills and beach rides. Rides are done as a group with meeting points along the way to regroup, with a mix of abilities within the group.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Queens Birthday weekend - Sunday Ride - Outer Harbor via Anzac Highway

This Sundays ride is scheduled as  Outer Harbor via Anzac Highway.

This is a ride is on the Winter Schedule so 

meet in the City at 8:00 am 

we will decide if the weather and how people are feeling if hills are in order.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sunday Ride - No Excuses Club Ride

This Sunday the No-Excuses ride. Numbers have been down a bit  but this Sunday's weather forecast looks great for getting out of hibernation dusting off the winter gear and going for a ride.

Min 9
Max 18
Partly Cloudy

Adelaide area

Partly cloudy. Light winds.
Sun protection not recommended, UV Index predicted to reach 2 [Low]

WHEN:     8:00 am Sunday Morning
WHERE:  Hindmarsh Square in the City
ROUTE:   Port Rd – Outer Harbor – Glenelg – Anzac Hwy – Home
COFFEE: At the Glenelg Marina

LOTW - Must be the late 70's - judging by the poodle hair, sunglasses and cycling caps

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Winter Ride Schedule

Winter Ride Schedule Commences 
The Winter ride schedule commences this weekend. All rides between now and the 19th of August will commence in the city and are scheduled as Beach rides. We will look at the weather when we meet in the morning and take advantage of any good weather window to do one of the nearer Hills loops. 

Sunday Ride - Hallett Cove

Sundays Ride is Hallett Cove 

Meet at Hindmarsh Square in the City at 8:00 am 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sunday Ride - Hahndorf for German Cakes


This Sunday will be the last Hills Ride before we move to the winter schedule. 

Hahndorft via the freeway 

  • City at 8:00 am
  • Tollgate at 8:30 am
  • Bollards at 9:00 am
Handorf via Aldgade Valley Rd and River Rd. Coffee and the be decided at Hahndorf 

Ah! the Giro. the race organisation heard about Political Correctness but decided it was a load of *#$&*$#^# and the trend will pass.

 Not to mention some great racing. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sunday is Mothers - No Official BG Ride set for this weekend

Sunday is Mothers Day - No official Ride this weekend

When planning this years Ride Calendar we have bowed to the inevitable and accepted that on Mothers day everyone has somewhere to be and something to do. Hence we have taken the opportunity for a end of season break and scheduled NO RIDE for this Sunday Mothers day. 

We have learned that no matter how short you make the ride anyone who braves the wrath and shows up usually needs to cut it short.

If you are up for a Pedal in the morning meet at the normal time in the City and decide a suitable route among those able to attend. 

Enjoy Mothers Day

PS: The following Sunday is the start of the winter riding schedule. I will post details next week as this year it will include our 10 year anniversary ride.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sunday Ride - No Excuses Club Ride

This Sunday the No-Excuses ride. Numbers have been okay but there are a few faces we haven't seen in a while. This week see the start of the Giro d'Italia in Israel of all places. So it will be a good chance to catch up have a chat and discuss who might win.

WHEN: 8:00 am Sunday Morning

  • WHERE: Hindmarsh Square in the City
  • ROUTE: Port Rd – Outer Harbor – Glenelg – Anzac Hwy – Home
  • COFFEE: At the Glenelg Marina

A bit of climbing and more that a few summit finishes...

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sunday - Hallett Cove - Long Beach Ride (Southerly Start)

This Sundays Ride is a somewhat welcome return to the beach. 

We are heading to Hallet Cove first and then returning to Glenelg for Coffee. Coffee will be quick as we are then heading back along the Northerly beaches toward Outer Harbor. 

This Ride gives lots of options from a the normal Short Hallet Cove ride @ 65 km  to the full Outer Harbor return @ 95km. You can also choose to bail at Henley, Bower Rd etc as long as your prepared to enjoy the chorus of "Saawft"

Meet in the City at 8:00 am 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sundays Ride is Pain live's here. The weather looks good for Sunday so hope to see you out there after last week.
  • Meet 8:00 in the City
  • Or 8:30 am at the Tower Hotel