Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sunday Ride - Hills Face Loop - maybe

The set Ride for Sunday is the Hills Face loop. However at the time of writing the weather is looking dodgy. So as the is always the rule in winter 

Meet in the City at 8:00 am for a Weather call.

If the Hills are out then the Ride will be: Port Road - Outer Harbor - Coffee at Glenelg

If the weather smiles on us we will do the short winter Hills Route that was suggested when we were planning the calendar. 

The Route is 

  • City-The Parade- Tower Hotel - St Bernard's rd
  • Then 
  • Slow Group - Montacute Rd or Fast Group - Gorge Rd - CorkScrew Rd
  • Regroup at the top of Corkscrew
  • Then
  • Montacute to Cherryville rd. Down to Cherryville and back up
  • Marble Hill Rd to Ashton 
  • Ashton to Woods Hill Rd
  • Woods Hill rd to Norton Summit
  • Norton Summit to the Parade
  • Coffee at Caffe Buongiorno

 Approx 55km/45km and 800 vertical meters .

If it doesn't work out this week I will schedule this ride over the top of the next foothills ride. Weather permitting.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunday Ride - Long Beach - Outer Harbor via Anzac Hwy

This Sunday is the long beach ride Outer Harbor via Anzac Hwy.

Meet in the City at 8:00 am 

The weather looks reasonable at this point in time. 

Partly cloudy. Slight (30%) chance of a shower. Winds northwesterly 20 to 30 km/h turning westerly during the morning then becoming light during the evening.

Not Cold in France 

On a community note who would want to be the poor bugger that has to fix this mess.

When Bike Sharing schemes go bad. These are all broken.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sunday Ride - Hallett Cove

This Sundays Ride is Hallett Cove via the Beach

Meet in the City at 8:00 am

Watching Richie Porte crash on the 9th stage was unpleasant to watch given our recent history but he appears to have been really lucky injury wise. It was great racing up to that point. Oh well there is next year and still lots of racing to watch.

See you Sunday.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sunday Ride and Stuff

Sunday Ride report

We had 14 who made no excuses and made the most of the good weather. John took the Outer Harbor sprint. I completely failed to follow any of Brian's instructions re pace line and calling non attendee's SAWFT,

It was a beautiful morning for a ride so we did tempt fate and try a few photos

Sunday Ride

This Sundays ride is planned as an Extended Foothills ride but as always in Winter its a weather call and if it looks good we may do a short hills ride or revert to a beach ride.

Meet in the City at 8 am

Tour Down Under

The Routes for the Tour Down Under have been released. The Bupa Challenge is a set of interesting and familiar choices. 

In BG speak the ride consists of a Three Gorges with a twist then a quick crazy Brian out to Mt Pleasant, a alley-oop back to Charleston, setting up an inverted Foxy, leading into a  reverse Foothills, followed by a SAWFT Pain Lives Here with no return on investment and ending with a Billsy Roller Coaster. 

138 km and 2,268 m of ascending

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Lance...shudder. Yes hes a dick, but a dick that knows allot about the TDF and cycling. He has an interesting perspective on the TDF, and a Texan no bull (chicken) shit attitude to commentary on the race. If like me this intrigues you check out his daily podcast:

The Cycling Podcast, also very good:

Found via SteephillTV. A great reference for all things TDF, with great links to interviews and daily highlights from Eurosport if like me SBS's coverage misses the mark (you could for stage 1-2, I bet they close the back door on this soon). Also a simpler way to get to SBS content then there own webpage. Other bonus you can navigate to watch highlights with out being told the result of a stage - non spolier mode, genius!

Opinion / Clarification: Lance was at his peak when my interest in cycling peaked as a teenager. His history in a way is my cycling history. In no way does my interest in this podcast forgive or condone Lances historical indiscretions! But if your not prepared to interact with any dopers in your coverage of the TDF, then you might have a pretty silent TDF. His podcast is at worst interesting, something to discuss over coffee post ride or around the water cooler at work. Hopefully I'll be out on the bike soon. FS

Friday, June 30, 2017

Message from Brian

Message from Brian
I went to see Brian yesterday and while he officially has an excuse and a doctors certificate to miss the No Excuses Ride on Sunday he says no one else does and that he expects everyone to be out. He also gave  me detailed instructions on when and how fast to form a pace line as well as what I need to do to keep everyone together down Victoria Parade. 

Brian is looking better but still having trouble with the lung not clearing up. That is delaying him getting the broken bones especially his shoulder seen to.

I caught him in Physiotherapy being told off by the Physio for going too hard on the bike. That doesn't sound like Brian at all...

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sunday Ride - No Excuses

It's that time of year. Le Tour is about to start and we all become sleep deprived zombies especially after the mountain stages, as well as stacking on some kilos with all the late night snacks.

So it timely that this Sunday is the No Excuses ride and can substitute snacks for a Vanilla slice at Glenelg and argue over the Tour and what may or may not happen to Richie.

Meet Sunday Morning at 8:00 am in the City

As per normal the Route is Port Road, Outer Harbor and then Glenelg for Coffee.

The weather looks good
Min 5 Max 16
Mostly sunny. Winds north to northeasterly 15 to 25 km/h increasing to 25 to 30 km/h during the evening.

This winter has been the opposite of last winter and so far the weather gods have been kind.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sunday Ride, Ride Report and Brian/Mike Update

Sunday Ride

It has been dry so far this June if you call last Sunday mist dry. This coming Sunday looks like it may be wet and hence it will be a Weather Call.

Meet in the City (Hindmarsh Square) at 8:00 am

Brian and Mike Update
 I went into see Brian on Monday morning which was fortunate as he was getting ready to be discharged.  He was in a bit of pain as they having trouble balancing the meds. He has now been released and is going to a rehabilitation centre (details in email broadcast). Mike Lyons was driving him there. He is in good spirits and he and Mike have vowed to get back on the bike. The new rule is they ride down any descents at the back with me.

Interestingly enough his doctor has recently taken up cycling so we had a good chat. 

Mike is back at work so hopefully the Shoulder and the Thigh are getting better. 

As always get well soon guys

Ride Report - BG's in the Mist
As would be expect Sundays ride was a little bit subdued due to the previous weeks prang and the weather. Six BG gathered for a ride best described as atmospheric in a "Hound of the Baskervilles" sort of way. The Mist started out okay but actually got worse as the ride progressed.  All was going well with no giant devil dogs in sight with rider as we were riding to the conditions and maintaining good separation when David H hit something long and sharp on Port road just before Bower road. It ripped a 3 cm gash in his rear tyre. A search of the area revealed nothing on the road except for a used prophylactic we decided that the tyre had just ripped itself apart in disgust when it realised what it had just run over.

Inserting a $20 note didn't work because of the size of the gash and as he didn't have any $50's handy so Phil gave him one of the those Tyre boot repair stickers that has been sitting in his repair kit for about 4 years. That worked an absolute treat and David turned and headed for home. Hopefully he made it home.

Hugh won the sprint and we called it short on account of the visibility with Coffee at the Chocalat at Henley Square. The mist was just sitting on dead calm ocean. All we needed was a fin to break the surface.  
Home was via the Henley Beach road and the Mist was only just showing signs of lifting as we got back to town. So all up a enjoyable ride. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Brian and Mike Update


Some updates


Dan visited today and thankfully the tally of injury and stuff broken was not added too. This from Dan 

Saw Brian this morning: as reported 9 broken ribs, fracture in temporal lobe area, fractured clavicle, dislocated AC joint and punctured lung - other than that he's ok

All his injuries are healing ok-ish.

His lung is improving and once that's better he'll probably be released for home/outpatients.

He's ok and very thankful for his calls/messages.


He is back at work after Sportmed gave him a good once over.  Apart from loss of skin and some general soreness, he has,

  •  a bruise from where Brian ran into him (which is still growing but is currently 40cm long)
  •  a small bleed into the muscle but is not serious
  •  a tear in the AC and some Bursitis in the shoulder
It looks like it will only need conservative treatment only. 

Get well soon guys.