Monday, June 29, 2009

Tour De France Tipping - riders listing

As of last night the Velogames website had started listing riders on the website. To make your team you have to select 9 riders from the 100 points you are given. I can't remember the exact break down of riders that you need but it is something; You need to select 2 overall riders, 2 climbers, 1 sprinter, 3 domestiques and 1 rider from any category. The details are listed on the website

As expected, Contador is the strong favourite so he costs an expensive 26 points (more than a quarter of the budget for a team), the Evans for 20 points and a bit of surprise is Armstrong, also at 20 points while Sastre is a relative bargain at 18 points. Cav, the hot selection for the sprints is 20 points while you can pick up the Norwegian God of thunder for about 14 points. Boonen is not on the list yet, court case pending.

So start selecting your teams. I haven't set up the league yet as that wasn't open yet, but you can start working out your team(s).

Good luck - M Gates