Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Thanks to all who attended the AGM and made it a good night and a fitting way to celebrate a year of Bastardi. It has been great year and alot of achievments; both as a group and individuals; have been acheived.

Thank you to all who have participated in BG rides and have helped to make a dynamic interesteing group of well inteded riders.

BG was founded on the idea of mates riding together engouraging one another and working together to get fit, enjoy our cycling and one anothers company. I thank David B. for founding the group and setting the sound foundation of these principles.

Thanks to all those that have helped make Bastardi Grassi.

Frank Smith
Directeur Sportif


President – D Bills
Director Sportif – Frank S
Course Director – Brian V
Product Development – Warwick K

Branding Manager – Steve B
Treasurer – Alf Mac.
Purchasing Manager – Gavin H
Special Events – Mike G

Course director - Brian V

Always meet at Hassell
Requirement for good coffee
Will be a short ride option “get out” option
Generally aim for a 2-2.5 hr return

Brian to advice the proposed course through Frank - who moderates and map rides before issuing on Fridays.
FS to set up group Map my ride account

FS-BV to coordinate mid week training rides during day light savings
Proposed Vic Park 5.30pm interval training

Edwardstown Velodrome Sunday rides

Director Sportif - Frank S

Coordinate event rides, blog, and communications
FS to coordinate BGCC teams for recreational rides Amy’s, TDU, CC etc.

Velodrome night – private booking to be coordinated by Alf

Annual Events
Kat Killer Klassic
Domino Dash

Handicapped Events
First a reverse start Norton’s ride
Old freeway
Vic Park

Branding – Warwick K & Steve B

No Sponsors on Jerseys
Going through JAXS sporting manufacturers
WK-SB to develop existing concept and coordinate sizing/buying

SB to follow up
Agreed worth pursuing

Potential Future Products
Riding Cap
Arm warmers

Treasury – Alf

Alf to set up trust fund for the group
Pay of jerseys, fundraising, etc.

All repair fund Donations to go the trust with David Bills coordinating any payment.

Purchasing – Gavin H

Coordinated ‘bulk buys’ from websites

Special events – Mike G

Tipping comps, social events etc.