Friday, September 11, 2009



I propose that this Sunday be the first of our 'time trails' on a recognised and measurable course.

The idea is for all to time a run up Norton Summit (5.6km - 271m ascent) and log that as our personal 'base time' against which we will measure our improvement in subsequent 'time trail' rides.

The ride course is as follows:

8.00am start at Hindmarsh Square opposite Hassell office - Rundle Road - Magill Road - Regroup @ Tower Hotel -

- Time Trail Start at the line on Norton Summit Road (just around the corner from Magill Road adj to the traffic island)
- Time Trial Finish (driveway of first house on left after the 'cliff drop offs' which are also on the left, number 169)

- Regroup @ Norton Summit Hotel (record times) - back down Norton Summit Road - Magill Road - North Terrace - Port Road - Old Port Road - Bower Road - Military Road - Grange Road - Seaview Road - Henley Square (Coffee) - Henley Breach Road - Currie Street - Home

Total Distance - approximately 60km

This is a good combination ride comprising the follow key attributes:
- hard work up the hill to start
- long easy downhill back to the City as a group
- long flat group ride to Military Road
- usual Military Road push to sprint just before a relaxing coffee
- easy group ride back to the City and home.

Please remember to have a device that can measure your time (to the second only - not to the 1/1000th of a second!)

Any feedback would be welcome!


Brian Virgo

Bastardi Grassi - Course Director