Tuesday, November 3, 2009


For those who have participated in Amy's Ride last Sunday - I hope you have all recovered and are ready to hit the road again.

It appears that the Bastardi did well in all respects particularly with our 'lead' riders of Frank S, David H and Steve 'Duracell' W finishing very near the front with some serious riders and Team Macolino pushing to the finish under trying circumstances.

Some of us (Mike 'I got lost' L, Gavin H and myself) were crazy enough to ride home as well - even though we thought it was a bad idea at the Amy's Ride finish - only to end up completely spent - but completing approx 165km which is a good test for the TDU ride.

I hope all other Bastardi enjoyed the challenge and finished well - no doubt we will catch-up on all the anecdotes at the next ride.

Tuesday 3 November - 6.15pm at the Tower Hotel for a ride up Norton Summit (for those who can make it after the Melbourne Cup - I will be unavailable tonight).

Thursday 5 November - 6.15pm at cnr of The Parade and Osmond Terrace for Foothills Ride.

Brian Virgo