Monday, November 16, 2009


In perfect conditions the inaugural Military Road Individual TT was run on Sunday with an impressive 'photo' finish between David H, Steve W Michael G (see attached results).

All rode well with the Macolino brothers continuing to improve to bridge the performance gap with commendable persistence in their riding commitment. Aldo is looking to take on the new 'lead out man' role very soon!

The real pressure was at the front of the field where the team leaders (noted above) demonstrated just how close their capabilities are in this discipline. Gav H should be commended for setting recording breaking split times at the start only to fade, and Geoff S has to remember to set his timer in timed events! Good to see David F out after just missing us last Sunday.

See you all on Tuesday night for the Norton Summit midweek ride or Thursday on the usual Foothills ride.

Brian Virgo