Friday, January 29, 2010

Had to post this reply from Mike about - HOW 2... LOOK LIKE A DICK!

"I liked that blog about the dick on the princess, he must a serious amount of cash to blow on a bike, Thanks to his shoes and sunnies his clothing would have cost him over a grand alone. A finding a princess that looks that bad wouldn't be easy. At least Valverde got paid a lot of money to ride a bike that ugly. It would cost over $20k to look that bad. But I would have the wheels and the shoes since they are pretty much the lightest pair on the market, I just wouldn't wear them riding that bike" - Mike G


My Ride was one of contrasts, for the the greater part of the ride I felt very comfortable. Naturally the Milang to Currency creek wind testing tunnel tested my love of cycling. Prior to this developing speed wobbles at 81.3k on the wrong side of the rode was a little concerning, after surviving that to almost kill two other fellow cyclists was regrettable but once we turned with the wind at our backs for the last 20k all those little things did not matter & I found the pleasure of cycling again. I was impressed by the way the roads were managed by SAPOL, but the drink stops were an abomination!
My experience of TDU ride from Milang to Goolwa (did this leg only as I am an old man!) and beside that had only been back on the bike, at time of registering, for a month after 42 years of not riding.

Leaving Milang we were all lulled into a false sense of 'this won't be too bad'; moderate temperature, no wind, easy ride to Finniss then a couple of valleys before a quick downhill run to Goolwa. Stupid thought really!

About a third the way on the long, straight, unprotected road to Finniss the severe breeze, otherwise known as a gale, sprung up and there was flying dust, hay, leaves, sheep detritus and I don't want to think about what else billowing into the air. Of course I was stuck on my own, with either slower pokes in front of me offering little worthwhile protection, or fast trains from Woodside ripping past. So head down, bash into the wind at about 18 - 19 km/hr for 6 kms to the drinks break at Finniss.

Bikes everywhere, warm water, but not too bad at that time. The ride to Currency Creek was buffeted by strong side winds with rolly Poly tumble weeds ripping across the road (I think I saw the ghost of John Wayne out there somewhere). Then relief with the slight bend to the south at the top of Currency Creek, a couple of fast dudes to hook up with and 40+ km/hr into Goolwa.

Temperature average 35°, with peak of 43° for last two kilometres according to the Polar.

With respect to the long distance riders it was probably not too bad for me as I had only done a few km's before the wind hit, not 80 or 130.

Cheers and keep your knees up! Peter Smith
Thank you everyone who wished me well. I completed the 161km stage on Friday. It looks like the preparation and training paid off as I finished feeling very good and pulled up well the next day. I am not sore at all

My stats
Distance 161 km, 845m of Ascent (Plus 8km getting to the start) Average Speed: 25.4 kph Max Speed: 69.5 kph Time on the Bike 6hr, 23min, 24sec Elapsed time 7hr, 15minutes Kilojoules Expended: 22317 Consumed 14l of water and power aide

Ride Report
The week leading up to the event was a bit of a panic as the jersey this year was 2 sizes too big. Helen saved the day and put her sewing machine to good use and took it in. Otherwise I would have been wearing a spinnaker. Got up at 4:45am and it was lucky I did as the start had 6500 people and was complete bedlam. The Bastardi gathered and amazingly we managed to stay together from the 6:30am start all the way through the city up the gorge and to Kangaroo C reek. It was a huge line stretching for kilometres and was quite a sight. I got over the first climb without an issue which is more than can be said for a lot of people. The KOM climb at Fox Creek was hard. It was 10% most of the way but it kicked to 13% for the last 100m at the end. Lots of people were walking up it. I was following the wheel of the guy in front when he simply couldn't roll his pedals over and promptly fell off in front of me. Missed him by that much. I asked if he was okay as I went by and only his pride was damaged.

I got over the climb without incident and had enough left for a quick pose with the Devil lady. The first stop at Lenswood was even more chaotic than the start with the whole road blocked and a long wait for water. I rode on through Woodside to Littlehampton and then to Nairne. The line thinned but was still continuous and the wind that would curse the rest of the ride began to blow around about Mt Barker. The descent from Wistow to Strathalbyn was very fast and I hit close to 70kph . The Bastardi regrouped at Strathalbyn and we rode as a group toward Milang. The wind was strong but over our back. When we turned at the lake it became a crosswind almost blowing me off my bike. The wind combined with it the temperature hitting around 40 made it a real struggle. We got to Milang and a couple of the guys were suffering so we spent longer at the stop than we intended. The next 13km was a grind into a really wicked strong cross/headwind to Finnis. It was a graveyard with police and ambulance picking up people off the side of the road. Rumour has it there were more than 200 abandons on this stretch and there was a heap of people waiting for the bus at Finnis. We worked as a group and shared time at the front as we worked into the wind. As we turned toward Goolwa we got rained on and then hit by tumbleweeds. My wheels were festooned with stuff. The rain dropped the temperature and eventually the wind got out of my face so riding was made easier. The wind had ripped the group to shreds so we arrived in Goolwa in dribs and drabs. My brother had done the shorter 110km ride and was waiting at the Aquacaf with Helen. We had a great lunch of squid and chips before braving the ridiculous traffic home. 45 minutes to get from Goolwa to Victor Harbour maybe riding home wasn't a bad idea..

Worst Day seen; Guy on Gorge Rd with his wheel folded in half and then folded half again. I swear every spoke broken He was holding the hub shaking his head
Biggest Idiot: Guy doing 'S'es from one side of the road to the other. No reason for that with that many people on the road.
Most unprepared: Lady on a Kmart Mountain bike asking a resident to fill her only water bottle, a small 500ml Mt Franklin while having to walk her bike to the top of the Parade.
Bravest: Very overweight guy riding the 110km at 10kph slow, steady and determined. Hope he made it.


Meadows Loop

Hindmarsh Square - Old Freeway - Stirling - Aldgate Valley Road - Mylor - Echunga - Meadows (coffee and cake at the bakery) - Kangarilla - Clarendon - Chandlers Hill - Coromandel Valley (Murrays Hill Road) - Blackwood - Belair - Windy Point - Unley Road - Home

Total Distance: approx 100km

The easy route would be to follow the ride to Mylor then ride back up through Aldgate.

Brian’s route is not for the faint hearted and should be flagged as a reasonably hard ride - but most BG faithful won’t be phased, just come ready for a decent ride. - FS

Thursday, January 28, 2010



Awesome sale on chain reaction.

Weight - 623g (front) or 811g (rear)

Carbon and alloy laminate clincher rim is both light weight and ridged whilst maintaining high braking performance with standard brake pads.

Low rim weight is achieved by reducing the alloy wall thickness from 1.3 mm down to 0.7 mm, then a patent pending phosphoric acid anodizing process is used to bond the carbon fibre to the alloy giving an excellent combination of low weight, strength and rigidity

One of the nicest looking low profile wheel sets on the market. The titanium hubs are some of the nicest pieces of machined engineering I’ve seen on a bike. These hubs are also used on shimano’s flagship C50.

These wheels are great for majority of the BG faithful as these are great wheel for all conditions and I’ll go as far as to say they are possibly the best bang for buck, performance for dosh - wheels on the market. The wheels also look great and would be a nice addition to any rig.

A well proven design which has been developed over many generations of the dura ace wheelset. The hub style and form has been perfected of the last couple of generations of dura ace wheel.

If you want to add that little edge to your bike wheels and tyres are the first stop for performance. Upgrading your wheelset is the best way to lighten your bike, and directly reduces the force required to rotate the wheels and generate drive - the weight loss here is more beneficial then any other part of the bike.


"Don't keep doing the same things and expect different results. Try something different, take a test, train to a plan and win some races" - flamme rouge.


Tonight the Thur ride will go down as usual starting from the cnr of the parade and Osmond tce @ 6.15

Saturday, January 23, 2010

ATDU - After Tour Down Under

Usual beach ride with coffee @ Evidas and a time to down load all the TDU challenge ride experiences - like I love riding along windy open plains in the middle of no where!

If you want your TDU story on the blog email it thru, as it will be good to see the ride was form some different points of view. It's always good to get opinions other then my own on the blog. -FS

Well what is the pinnacle of most recreational riders season has past. The TDU challenge ride is over! What now? Now is time to kick it into the next gear! Now your starting to get close to your best form of the season it's time to use it! Time to get out and set some PB's and push on thru to the next level! Next comes the Coast to Coast!

The Coast 2 Coast is the last big recreational road ride of the season with 90 and 120 km legs on offer. Those who completed the 160 should not be fooled this is a hard ride and last year homburg and i found it just as hard as the TDU due to a slack approach to the ride! The course is great and always well organised by bike SA so I’d highly recommend getting involved.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Today’s stage will finish in Hahndorf and I’m predicting we will have a similar situation to yesterday with a break away which will be brought back on the long flat roads of Woodside and Balhannah. The Peleton enter Hahndorf on Ambleside Rd (the same way we go from Balhannah to Hahndorf) which will make the approach to the finishing straight a little more interesting then yesterday and provides a little opportunity for the likes of UniSA and Garmin to generate a late attack. This will also complicate things slightly for the sprinters teams with the more technical approach to the line I think we won’t see a typical full team lead out to the line – that said Columbia are the best in the world at lead outs and anything is possible.

My prediction is Greipel and Steegmans will be battling this one out again while brown and Robbie watches again!


"I don't know?"


For all your TDU news get your hands on the TDU iphone app which is great with live running updates and maps. If on the PC search for Santos TDU Live on Twitter. Also see the SBS cycling central site for videos of all the stages and interviews.


Well I previewed the last 40km of yesterday’s stage and predicted a bunch sprint finish. The 25km to the line from Menglers was always going to be too far for a breakaway with no technical decent to aid the breakaway. Menglers was never going to phase any of the pro's as it rates as a bump for them! The finish was set to be a fast one with a long straight approach to the line from Nuriootpa all the way to Tanunda.

The stage did see a courageous break away involving Timothy Roe, a young SA rider who has been signed by Lance for he team trek under 23 development squad. He was part of a three man breakaway that formed in the 17km of the race and attacked them going up Menglers. Tim stayed off the front till Angaston where he was reeled in and the late attacks came thick and fast.

The sprint teams held it together with Columbia doing most of the work and as they lifted the pace in the final kilometres there where clearly two defined lead out lines of Sky and Columbia. Lance was in the mix too trying to get his man Steegmans. The sprint was a free for all in the end with the lead outs breaking down early as the long straight finish forced them to go to early. Greipel showed all his class in smashing the field in an explosive sprint. The sky lead out was not fast enough with Greipel launching from behind Brown and Robbie and simply too much power great positioning, well won. Of not is the effort of Steegmans who claimed second while weaving his way through the pack a great effort and a good sign for Radio Shack for the rest of the week.


Big news is that Davis is out of GC contention crossing the line 8min behind the pack. I bumped in to Davis after slipping the barriers and getting into the media scrum for Greipel. There was no media scrum for Davis, and he didn’t look happy soon after crossing the line. He blamed his team according to the Advertiser (my poo is a more reliable source) but if he is blaming his team – Davis you’re an idiot. In Stage one there was one task for a sprinter – climb a bump and stay with the pack! The Pelton where going easy on menglers and it was all together Davis obviously wasn’t fit enough to stay with the pack into Tanunda. Davis you lose!!!

Well it is early days but it does look like it is up to the rest of the sprinters to prove they are better than Greipel as it looks as though he is in top form, and backed by an impressive team capable of controlling the race.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

SAT RIDE ruined by LANCE

Still meet @ 7am TOWER HOTEL

Will be a ride thru the hills before heading down the bay for LANCES twitter ride.
Good to see Lance has a sense of humor. Click link below.
VIDEO: Lance Interview in ADL?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


meet at the Tower Hotel @ 7am on SATURDAY.

I think there are a few different groups riding about 100km in the hills SAT MORNING so should be a range of different ride options for different fitness levels!

· Andrew will be hosting a 100km ride starting at the tower (100)
· And bills-e is organising a relaxed Handorf ride form the tower (90-100)
· Homburg and Frank are going to do a cut throat Lobethal run doubling back thru forest range, then to Lofty, starting at the tower (100km)

BEACH 7.30am @ Hindmarsh Sq SUNDAY – AFTER Pick up TDU jerseys at Vic Square Village around 11am

Also option to do the the Ride Like Crazy.

Taper week for the days leading in to the challenge ride you should be taking it easy and storing up carb’s. Get out on the bike and turn the legs over but defiantly not in anger, just stretch it out and take it easy. Will keep you posted if we are going to do any BG rides.