Friday, January 2, 2009


If you enjoy a good hit out on the bike and are after some company then you are welcome to join the BG.
The only policy is: any one is welcome aslong as you are not a dick! If you are a dick please don't try and come out with us, if your not sureif you are a dick or not, we will let you know pretty quickly.
Rides are conducted to include many differing skill levels and abilities and are designed to be inclusive (just no dicks!). We don't mind a bit of a race to stretch the legs, just at nominated points, and we even run handicap hill climbs so every one can have a crack!
Rides are around 50 - 100km with a mixture of hills and beach rides. Rides are done as a group with meeting points along the way to regroup, with a mix of abilities within the group.

Our main weekly ride is a Sun ride, starting at Hindmarsh Sq @ 7.30am (may vary - check blog). We also run Tue & Thur training rides.