Thursday, July 8, 2010


Photographers now have to take snaps of the manx man @ the start of the stages!

Cav's antics of causing crashes and spitting at his victims has won him no favours in the pack. This coupled with the columbia teams inability to hold there lead out train has shown the real Cav. Great sprinter when its handed to him on a plate, but when the going gets tough the manx man get beaten! It seems Cav's success last season has made him a marked man and other teams are mobilising to break the columbia train and putting the pressure on further out from the finish forcing columbia to try and control it form further out. they just have't been able to hold it together in the last km. The start of the tour has been harder this year, which no doubt is contributing to make it harder for columbia.

All this is just my opinion, and really what do i know, no doubt in publishing this the manx man will come good with a couple of wins! And being honest, I still have him in my fantasy team. - FS