Friday, September 10, 2010


A few BG have been piloting a new Thur Ride format. Vic Park is a great place for a casual training ride after work, with no traffic, no stop lights plus quick and easy to get too for most. The wide surface, with no potholes, is also conducive to having a good yarn too, as you don't have to be on edge looking out for death.

The beauty of riding laps is, every one can ride there own pace and the group seemed to regroup often while small groups pushed along at there own pace. The venue is also great for doing interval training with hot laps (90-100% effort or sprints down the straight) followed by a cool down lap (60-70%).

Meet 5.45 @ Vic Park, Doing laps anti clockwise.

At the moment you get 45min in before the light fades. This is long enough to get a solid work out in of non- stop pedalling, and will have you home in time for dinner! Cheers, Brian, Gav, Steve. FS