Monday, September 20, 2010

VIC PARK 19/09

Photos by KN see more @ Flickr

The day started in nervous sun shine and ended in a cloud of BG glory! With a record Six BG competing in two grades. Brian, Gav and Andrew, lined up in E's for their first taste of racing. Brian took what he described as the Gates-e route to the line, sitting in for most of the race to finishing third.

In C's Team BG fielded a strong line up with Homburg, Gates-e and my self. The Burg performed his Domestique role with honour maintaining a swift pace, working hard on the front through out the race and dragging the break away back to with in striking distance on the final lap. Mike picked up my wheel as planed and we hit the final corner at the front of the pack and nailed the last corner to start the sprint catching the break half way down the final stretch leaving the pack in our wake taking a clear one - two for the Bastardi, with Gates second after my lead out never ended.

It's also worth mentioning the A grade race which was a spectacular display of cycling with some savage pace at the front and Jongewaard taking a dominating win, seemingly playing with the field in multiple breaks and surges taking the win from a final break of three in a tight sprint! A medal of courage should go to my man Ben Hoagie, and his attempt to hold the wheel of Jongewaard, crossing to the break - bad luck benny you nearly caught that train but it left the station with out ya!

Stay tuned for more Crit Dates and help get behind local racing and see some great cycling action live! FS