Thursday, October 28, 2010


MEET 7.30am @ Hindmarsh Sq, Or 8am @ Tower hotel

The ride this week is a cracker ridden a couple of times last year. Up through the Gorge to Cuddly Creek for Coffee, then Fox's, through lenswood, basket range, Ashton, and then down Montacute. Full distance (80km) MAP LINK HERE

Short Cuts:
Head back the way you came through the Gorge after the Coffee stop (60km)
Cut out Motacute and go down Nortons (70km) LINK TO MAP


Don't forget every Thur Night @ Vic Park from 5.30 till dark, rock up when you feel like it. No cars, closed road, wide corners, can be social or train ya butt off, it's up to you. Very informal, do as you please, just come out and enjoy some riding. FS

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


"On display in Turin during the Giro d’Italia 2011 presentation was a special Gir0-themed Pinarello equipped with the long-awaited Campagnolo electronic shifting system." BR

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Photos by KN more @ flickr

After last weekend's domination of the podium, with even the announcer commenting on the number of BG's lining up for honours, it seemed inevitable that there would be a slight lapse this weekend. There was plenty of hard work and excellent efforts throughout the grades.

One little BG did his bit though!! Organisers decided to mix it up for the Junior D Crits using a ‘motor pacer’ for the 1st lap of the 5 lap race. Following the exit of the pacer there was a fierce attack on the peloton by a rider leaving the youngest BG (Lewis) to fight it out with an older rider for second place. Lewis grabbed the well deserved podium position of third following a hard battle.

E grade - With Gavin on the mend with his knee and battling a cold, and Andy recovering from far too much Pinot Noir sunk at his engagement party the day before, there was only Brian and myself (who was also suffering from a fair bit of over consumption at the engagement party) left to ride the E's. After losing the previous weeks winner to D-Grade, early thoughts suggested Brian would be a show for a step up the podium. All was looking good on the last lap, until I forgot that you actually have to turn at 90 degrees at the end of the straight. This became quite hard at 53kmh, and I rolled wide losing my spot in the pack, Brian held on to near the lead. However, he got blocked coming out of the last corner to finish near the front, though out of the placings. I finished at the back of the now spread out pack. A couple of new additions from Port Adelaide hurt our chances. However, plenty of lessons will be learned and we will get a couple of helpful additions ourselves next week.

D grade - Steve Walker was again the lone Bastardi in D's, and once again sat at the front of the pack for the majority of his race. As usual, there was far to much smiling and waving going on from Steve. I think he actually enjoys pain. It sounds as though some help may arrive next week with Dan Kuss set to sign up.

C Grade - With a later than normal start time throwing Gatesy's plan to race out the window, C- Grade had only Dave Homburg and Jason Green racing for the BG's with Frank being moved up to B's after two dominant wins in the previous two races.

Jason started a couple of very strong breakaways and was looking good with a couple of laps to go. However, one or two riders began bridging the gap which helped the field catch up on the second to last straight. Homburg, was at his domestique best throwing in plenty of cat and mouse games with the pack in an effort to keep the field back. However, the bright orange jersey probably stands out a bit too much for that to work as well as it once did.

B Grade - After a couple of wins in C's, Frank was moved up to B-Grade, with a serious jump in the pace and intensity, he still managed plenty of work at the front of the pack, and got involved in a short breakaway early on. With a very close finish in a large pack he did very well to finish somewhere in the top-10, with a photo finish for the top 5 places. Seven wide across the line and one bike length covering the top 8!

Associate BG's, Shaun Kasbergen and James Clough claimed 2nd and 3rd respectively in B's, well done boys. Some 'behind' the scenes discussion involving some 'high level' trading could see some useful additions to B-Grade soon.

Thanks Race Report contributors, Andrew Wilson, Steve Walker. FS

Link to CSA Video coverage of the racing on youtube

Photos by KN @flickr

Monday, October 25, 2010




See original post @ BIG RING RIDING (not as suss as it sounds!)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


For sale: Giant OCR Alliance Sport W

Women's specific road bike. Size S/46.5

Ladies bike with custom geometry, custom length stem, custom sized bar, LDS saddle and reach adjustable levers, fixtures for attaching mud guards or racks back and front.

Composite frame - 1/2 carbon fibre, 1/2 alloy frame.

Carbon fork, Carbon seat post.

  • Shimano Tiagra, derailleur F/R and shifters
  • Shimano Sora compact crankset
  • Shimano cleated pedals
  • Shallow drop handle bars
  • Womens specific seat

Full specs @ GIANT HERE

See link to more photos HERE.

Great beginners and intermediate bike, very comfortable and stands out in a crowd!

Well looked after, presents like new, no crashes, low miles, fully serviced and detailed, 1 year old. Only selling due to upgrade.

$900 ono - contact Frank or Kate.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SUN RIDE 24/10


Freeway - Lofty – Woodshill – Montacute – Norwood for coffee. In my absence Aldo has agreed to take the reins. A short but punchy ride in the hills, a great climb, with some steep sections, some great winding roads from lofty to Cherryville, followed by one of my favourite descents. Be careful on the top section of Montacute it’s a technical decent with some patchy road surface – the lower section is however divine. FS


Route map LINK HERE.


Click on Map to enlarge. More info HERE

Info via

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Video & Results via Cycling SA thanks Mike G.

1 F Smith
2 C Waters
3 T Clayton
4 D Morecombe
5 M Gates

1 D Martin
2 M Craig
3 P Athanasia
4 B Virgo
5 R Parsons

Monday, October 18, 2010










Photos by K Naumann @flickr

The BG colours were on show yesterday, thanks to Brian registering the BG Jersey, it's officially santioned by Cycling SA and was on show around the Vic Park Criterium course yesterday. The orange and black was represented in three different grades and mixing it up in the prize money. Was great to see so much support for those racing with family friends and fellow BG all showing support for the boys. The day started with the youngest BG, Lewis Walker taking a brilliant 2nd in his junior's race just being pipped in the finishing straight, and claiming the first BG podium of the season! On ya Lewie!

The BG were then represented in C, D and E Grade with 4 BG’s in C’s, Walker in D’s and 3 in E’s. In E’s Brian and his domestiques, Andy and Andrew, rode well with Brian just being edged out for third, claiming 4th and Andrew and Andy rolling in 7th & 8th respectively. Steve Walker was seemingly doing it easy in D’s and was busy in the front of the pack not shy of doing some work as usual. Steve finished well just outside of the top ten in what was a fast D grade race.

In C’s a solid line up of Jason Green, Mike Gates, the Burg and myself, lined up. We fought hard early and managed to control the race, as lots of break attempts where launched, even MG pitched in on the front.

During the prime sprint (half way sprint point) The Green Machine had a late surge at the prime prize dragging myself along reeling in the sprint to claim third and helping to launch me into the break away attack. Taking the lull after the sprint as an opportunity myself and two others broke away and worked well together to establish a gap that hovered around 20 seconds. Homburg helped setting a pace in the pack that maintained our advantage, and the pack couldn’t get organised with not enough people willing to sacrifice themselves. Into the final corner I hit them hard and didn’t look back. The rest is history, thanks to the boys in the break for their efforts. Next week the BG should be represented in 4 grades. FS

More Photos by K Naumann @flickr
My Garmin Data HERE

Friday, October 15, 2010


Two BG took on arguably one of the hardest races of the season last weekend in the Jim Pascoe 120. The Burg and myself (FS) lined up in C’s with the burg getting a stiff deal on being bumped up a grade as no E grade was competing, so the top of D’s had to step it up. The publicised race distance of 85km, actually turned out to be 94km’s as we discovered while signing on. Along with this the under 19 were added to the mix of C grade, i.e. 40-60 kg, bundles of perpetual energy wrapped in AIS uniforms. The course was not a flat ride either, with 3 & ¾ laps of the Range course followed by a tour out to the bottom of Penny Hill (Willunga hills ugly inbreed sister) for a hill top finish.

It would be a hard day in the saddle going nonstop for 2hr 40min without clipping out, at an average of 35 km/hr. Despite all this the race was actually an excellent experience and it was a brilliant day and though no BG’s walked away with any prizes on the day both finished in the top ten of a very hard ride and where satisfied in their efforts. All I can claim is being the first to the bottom of the hill after breaking away solo. “you’ve got 30-40 seconds on them, just hold a good pace over the top and you should do it easy” the commissaire bellowed from his air-conditioned car. It was 27 degrees, I’d been away by myself for 10k’s trying to push around 40-50km/hr, I was 3km away from the finish and had 220m to climb, I was doing it easy! Needless to say 45 seconds wasn’t enough to hold off the Clearasil brigade & co. that rolled over me with 2km to go, half way up the final climb. “Nice try” one remarked in a somewhat sympathetic tone, as they bounced pass me.

I can honestly say that was the hardest climb I’ve ever had to do and not due to its steepness, the temperature, the teenagers making me look like I was standing still but just sheer exhaustion and having nothing, at all left to give and the unbelievable urge from my body and brain to ‘stop’. It would have been easy, even excusable to stop half way up, throw in the towel, but better was to suffer – to feel pain to feel victory in defeat, to finish. The ‘race’ is an experience that exhaust you to level’s you previously didn’t know existed, then demands you keep going, dig deeper and push all the way to the line. This may sound silly but that was a great feeling, I’d do again – no doubt. See u next year Jimmy, you and your bitch Penny!

Congrats to Homburg for his top ten finish, riding up a grade in the longest hardest scratch race of the year, and holding his own in the pack while doing it. FS

Link to Garmin Edge data: CLICK HERE hit play button. Details HERE

1 Justin Dunn 2:35:52
2 Matthew Harris 2:35:56
3 Oliver Anderson 2:36:23
4 Samuel Croft 2:36:23
5 Jeffrey Schulz 2:36:32
6 Duncan Fowler 2:36:43
7 Frank Smith 2:37:09
8 Jason Cattonar 2:37:13
9 David Homburg 2:37:18
10 Greg Chivers 2:37:31

Full CSA Photos and Results HERE.

SUN RIDE 17/10

BG TT this week, ½ HILLS, ½ Beach. A run up Norton’s followed by a cruise down to the beach via Port Rd – Bower Rd – Military Rd, coffee @ Evida’s. Meet in Hindmarsh Sq 8am, or Tower @ 8.30am.

There will be an option to drop in and watch a little of the racing, and support those BG racing, on route from Norton’s to Henley, but this is at the behest of those who are doing the group ride, lead by Bills-e in my absence. –FS

Route link: HERE

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Good turn out for Thur night ride @ Vic Park. See more @flickr

Thursday, October 7, 2010

SUN RIDE 10/10

Interactive Ride Map: Link HERE

MEET @ 8am in Hindmarsh Sq. I'll be racing Sun so won't make it to the ride. The route is a great ride filled with small climbs and descents, and no real long slogs with one Category 2 climb (Norton's) and four short Cat 5 climbs dotted along the way, regroup @ the top of each climb. A short route @ 60km with short cuts available (see below). Coffee @ Ruby's in Sterling on the main road. -FS

Norton's - Ashton - Woodshill Rd - Uraidla - Carey Gully - Sterling (Coffe @ Ruby's in Main St) Upper Sturt - Belair - Windy Point - City.

Short cuts: Uraidla - Piccadilly Rd - Sterling (Coffee @ Ruby's)
Old Freeway home.

Ride Map: Link HERE
Climb Data: HERE

Monday, October 4, 2010

SUN 03/10 PICS

Pic fom last Sunday's Ride. Great day, good weather, good numbers out, awful wind! Thanks to all who came out, great to see a few old faces - come out for a reality check. FS - See more @flickr