Monday, October 18, 2010










Photos by K Naumann @flickr

The BG colours were on show yesterday, thanks to Brian registering the BG Jersey, it's officially santioned by Cycling SA and was on show around the Vic Park Criterium course yesterday. The orange and black was represented in three different grades and mixing it up in the prize money. Was great to see so much support for those racing with family friends and fellow BG all showing support for the boys. The day started with the youngest BG, Lewis Walker taking a brilliant 2nd in his junior's race just being pipped in the finishing straight, and claiming the first BG podium of the season! On ya Lewie!

The BG were then represented in C, D and E Grade with 4 BG’s in C’s, Walker in D’s and 3 in E’s. In E’s Brian and his domestiques, Andy and Andrew, rode well with Brian just being edged out for third, claiming 4th and Andrew and Andy rolling in 7th & 8th respectively. Steve Walker was seemingly doing it easy in D’s and was busy in the front of the pack not shy of doing some work as usual. Steve finished well just outside of the top ten in what was a fast D grade race.

In C’s a solid line up of Jason Green, Mike Gates, the Burg and myself, lined up. We fought hard early and managed to control the race, as lots of break attempts where launched, even MG pitched in on the front.

During the prime sprint (half way sprint point) The Green Machine had a late surge at the prime prize dragging myself along reeling in the sprint to claim third and helping to launch me into the break away attack. Taking the lull after the sprint as an opportunity myself and two others broke away and worked well together to establish a gap that hovered around 20 seconds. Homburg helped setting a pace in the pack that maintained our advantage, and the pack couldn’t get organised with not enough people willing to sacrifice themselves. Into the final corner I hit them hard and didn’t look back. The rest is history, thanks to the boys in the break for their efforts. Next week the BG should be represented in 4 grades. FS

More Photos by K Naumann @flickr
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