Friday, October 15, 2010


Two BG took on arguably one of the hardest races of the season last weekend in the Jim Pascoe 120. The Burg and myself (FS) lined up in C’s with the burg getting a stiff deal on being bumped up a grade as no E grade was competing, so the top of D’s had to step it up. The publicised race distance of 85km, actually turned out to be 94km’s as we discovered while signing on. Along with this the under 19 were added to the mix of C grade, i.e. 40-60 kg, bundles of perpetual energy wrapped in AIS uniforms. The course was not a flat ride either, with 3 & ¾ laps of the Range course followed by a tour out to the bottom of Penny Hill (Willunga hills ugly inbreed sister) for a hill top finish.

It would be a hard day in the saddle going nonstop for 2hr 40min without clipping out, at an average of 35 km/hr. Despite all this the race was actually an excellent experience and it was a brilliant day and though no BG’s walked away with any prizes on the day both finished in the top ten of a very hard ride and where satisfied in their efforts. All I can claim is being the first to the bottom of the hill after breaking away solo. “you’ve got 30-40 seconds on them, just hold a good pace over the top and you should do it easy” the commissaire bellowed from his air-conditioned car. It was 27 degrees, I’d been away by myself for 10k’s trying to push around 40-50km/hr, I was 3km away from the finish and had 220m to climb, I was doing it easy! Needless to say 45 seconds wasn’t enough to hold off the Clearasil brigade & co. that rolled over me with 2km to go, half way up the final climb. “Nice try” one remarked in a somewhat sympathetic tone, as they bounced pass me.

I can honestly say that was the hardest climb I’ve ever had to do and not due to its steepness, the temperature, the teenagers making me look like I was standing still but just sheer exhaustion and having nothing, at all left to give and the unbelievable urge from my body and brain to ‘stop’. It would have been easy, even excusable to stop half way up, throw in the towel, but better was to suffer – to feel pain to feel victory in defeat, to finish. The ‘race’ is an experience that exhaust you to level’s you previously didn’t know existed, then demands you keep going, dig deeper and push all the way to the line. This may sound silly but that was a great feeling, I’d do again – no doubt. See u next year Jimmy, you and your bitch Penny!

Congrats to Homburg for his top ten finish, riding up a grade in the longest hardest scratch race of the year, and holding his own in the pack while doing it. FS

Link to Garmin Edge data: CLICK HERE hit play button. Details HERE

1 Justin Dunn 2:35:52
2 Matthew Harris 2:35:56
3 Oliver Anderson 2:36:23
4 Samuel Croft 2:36:23
5 Jeffrey Schulz 2:36:32
6 Duncan Fowler 2:36:43
7 Frank Smith 2:37:09
8 Jason Cattonar 2:37:13
9 David Homburg 2:37:18
10 Greg Chivers 2:37:31

Full CSA Photos and Results HERE.