Monday, December 13, 2010

BG TT 06

Well it seems the faithful took the 'god' of TT's words to heart. I was impressed by the efforts of the morning - even proud of the bunches endeavour as we have come along way as a group of people committed to improving our health, enjoying our cycling and each others company. While we take our hobby way to seriously and revel in some healthy competition, we are still maintaining the intent behind the BG, of encouraging each other to get out and get fit.

Thanks to all who participated in the TT, it was a great ride and thanks for a punctual and organised start. It's great to see everyone improving and the bunch growing stronger. This takes those at the front holding back a little, also doing the hard yards as well as the those at the back giving it there all, digging in, and hang on. We all hurt together, some are just going faster then others, some better at hiding the pain, some better at dealing with pain, some better at accepting their limits.

Ride of the day easily goes to Andrew with a well deserved result in the TT as I know Wilson has been working hard on and off the bike and its great to see his efforts pay off. Well done mate.

Thanks all for your patience and investment of time into creating what is the BG. -FS

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