Thursday, February 17, 2011

SUN RIDE 20/02

Wont make it out this week but beach ride with the ever popular cove way but add a twist if rolling hills ain't quit going to wet your appetite for self destruction and hit cement hill hard - Kelly style! Regroup on the way back thru Glenelg with Coffee @ Evida's in Henley. FS

Meet @7.30am in City
Unley Rd – Seacombe Rd - The Cove Rd
Longer Route : –
Cement Hill

Also get your race on:

Sun 20 NCC Championships - REGENCY PARK
9.30 am NCC Graded Crits C–E (Not just NCC)
10.30 am A-B NCC Club Crit (NCC Member Only)
Nominate on the day $15