Wednesday, May 25, 2011


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Best 40min of self inflicted abuse I've coped on a bike. Get you old mountain bike out, put some 28's on ya roadie, whack some knobbly's on an old bits-a (bits of this bits of that) and get to it! Can't recommend this enough was a blast, just the excuse you need to ride around on a bike like a kid in mud, sand, ditches, mulch, running up hills and jumping hurdles. Next race is 22nd of June see PACC CX for details.

Well done to Paul Suter giving it a crack in A's, on his way back to fitness from injury with half a hardware store holding his hip in place. Valiant effort in a tuff event against a hard field of fit riders. Had a good race on the single speed myself running top ten till me chain tensioner gave way. Running the last km sucked, but thats CX - get to line don't give up! Lost 7 placings but saved 8 by running it out! Still loved every minute!

Thanks heaps to the BG support crew for all there cheers and PACC for setting up the course and running a great event! FS

More info, photos and videos @PACC.CX