Sunday, July 3, 2011



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What a stage! Perched on the first bump of the tour on a little valley in the Vendee a small contigent of BG experienced the flare, and utter crazyness that is le Tour. scoped the night earlier we found a hill defned by camper vans and knew we hit the right spot. Shade tree for lunch 50km veiws through the Vendee, valley road to alert you to the on coming peleton, voila`! I've seen promo vehicles before @ the TDU but never at this scale, floats passing you at a foot s distance doing 70 km/h lobbing hordes of goods @ you. This went on for close too an hour till we realised the local farm men had set up a small tent city in which a 4m wide projection screen was braodcasting live footage in a paddoc on a hill in the middle of no ware - gold! The riders flew past in full splendour and spectacular speed only slowed by the hill for only an instant, the aura of the peleton took your breath away! FS

What an experience.......standing in a dusty ditch in the middle of rural France, waiting for hours for thirty second of cycling madness.........simple the best thing ever. WK

Love from France! - bitches!