Friday, July 8, 2011


Meet City @ 8:00 am or

Tollgate @ 8.30am or

Bollards @ 9:00am

So as to make the ride smooth and minimise the wait at the top of the freeway, please choose the above meeting option that gets you to the bollards at the top of the old Freeway climb by 9:00am.

We'll avoid the mossy Aldgate Valley Road on the way out by heading down the coast to coast route for a while.

Old Freeway - Stirling - Mylor - Hanhdorf (Coffee).

Long route: Balhannah - Greenhill Rd - Lofty - Old Freeway - City.

Short route: Mylor - Aldgate Valley Rd - Sterling - Old Freeway - City- City.

I make no promises about my attendance given a planned big night Saturday. However, I'd like to think a little Cadel inspiration will see me out there Sunday morning. And, I do agree Frank, Cadel wins this week by the length of a straight. Looks like with a good team around him, he may now be a bloody good chance!