Sunday, July 3, 2011


Flats, Flats and more flats....

Rides after big rain always tend to have one thing in common, flat tyres! today's ride was no different, with signs ominous early when Andy T picked one up along war memorial drive. North terrace through to Port Road for the beach runs from now on lads.

Gatesy had one heading into the outer harbour sprint, leaving a very close finish between myself, sam and Hugh. if i knew the finish line I'd be happier making the call, though I'm pretty sure it was relative newcomer Hugh. I suspect he won the next two sprints from Homberg, though I wasn't close enough to see the results.

Special mention must go to Michael, with an excellent chase down of Homburg along the foreshore heading to evida.

I claim the most spectacular puncture after getting sideways on one of the roundabouts on the way to Genelg, yet holding it together long enough not to stack, which is becoming all too familiar of late. The last puncture of the day went again to andy t again, probably less than 1km from his house.

Was great to see the Macolino brothers back from O/S and was a good solid hit out for those that made it out. For those hibernating in winter, its time to get back out before you can't keep up, I'm looking at you Mr. Kuss!!