Friday, August 19, 2011


2 Days 3 stage race for A to E grade.

This looks like a great weekend of racing.
Register @CSA noms close on 1st September.

Any one got a sperm helmet they can lend me!! Bills-e i know you have one in the closet you have been itching to bust out! Where do i get a sweet TT chiwawa to keep me company in the TT, cant see it, look under the arm pit here. Bad year to have a mid road season break - stage racing, sh!t, it's time to get back into training! FS

Saturday - September 10th
Stage 1 Road race
100km A-B
80km C-D

Sunday - September 11th
Stage 2 Road race
80km A, B, C, D

Stage 3 TT
18km time trial