Monday, September 26, 2011


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Great ride by Goss, Better ride by Cav and a well earned win by the GB team. Cav will be yet again the man to contend with next season, and if the team work last night is a preview of what Sky will do for him next year it's only going to be harder to beat the missile (note he has not officially signed with Sky yet, I imagine to Cav's benefit he was waiting for yesterday's result to bump his contract figure up a little).

The Aussies did a great job, taking on the strongest team at this world's and nearly stealing the show. I believe the title was Cav's for the taking, and for Goss to show he's in the same leugue as Cav, clearly ahead of the rest, was a great result in it's own right. Goss should be proud of his effort.

Interesting  preview into what Green Edge will be capable of next year with much of the OZ squad on the GE team, including Goss and Gerrans and Clarke who all performed there roles excellently, in what has to be seen as a successful performance. How far Aussie cycling has come in recent years, that we can be disapointed with coming second at the world tittles! FS