Thursday, September 15, 2011


MEET HINDMARSH SQ 8AM START Cement Hill-Blackwood-Belair-City

Take Unley Road to Springbank Roundabout, head down to Goodwood Road, head to South Road, Then right at Seacombe Road - regather after left hand turn on to Ocean Boulevard.

Climb Cement Hill - regather

Take Majors through to Blacks Road, Left at Murrays Hill Road (2nd left after Pedestrian lights at bottom of second dipper - regather)

Take left towards Craiglee Drive, regather at first roundabout on road in to blackwood.

Follow Road through Blackwood Roundabout towards BP service station.

Descend via Belair Road - Coffee somewhere on Unley Road for those that want it.

Map Here

Note - Have tried best to avoid City to Bay and Rally issues. Won't be a long one but will be a few short steep climbs. every one should be able to stay together pretty well. However, it may be worth giving those that want it a head start up Cement Hill.

See you next week