Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Photos via CSA by Chameleon Photography

I expect big things from Sam and it may have been a matter of time but this week every thing went right and Sammy got his win last tue night. From all reports Sam took it out with a healthy margin to second, a good mate of the BG's Jon Blank.  Steve, took out 4th and is finding some sprinting form and consistent results, which is great to see as walker has trained hard and done allot of racing, come back from multiple injuries to earn these placings, it's awesome to see him landing some results.

In B's I (FS) ended up applying shawns mantra 'When in doubt lead out'. Took Shawn into the final corner first with a large pack on his wheel. It turned out to be just to far from the finish but he was stoked with 4th in and be back at the pointy end with a clean finish. Jimmy Clough (Cluff) an adopted kiwi son to the BG's took out the big prize in B's and was just pipped for first outright over A's by the smallest of margins. A great result for the quietly spoken all black who's been showing some good finishing form and was a handy man to follow around Amy's on Sunday.

Interesting side note, both Sam and Jimmy rode Amy's on Sunday in under 3hrs and rode home, so read into it what you like but, that was a hard ride Sunday and a great effort to back it up two days later with wins, well done boys. FS

Read Sam's race report, Photos and results, in the full post....

Finally a race without wind! I thought as I rode down from north Adelaide to Vic park. I was a little sore after Amy's ride on Sunday but after crashing last week I was keen to make amends. My post crash nerves weren't helped when I arrived to see a 8 foot high fence running down the whole back length of the course with big orange feet sticking just far enough onto the racing line to catch someone running on the outside.

E's n C's rolled around without any disasters then they called D's early. The race started nervously people keeping well in from the fence but before long bravado took over and people started pushing up on the outside. I found a sensible wheel to follow (thanks Brian!) and kept out of trouble. Just after the preme I heard the all too familiar sound of hard braking and carbon hitting pavement. I pulled up well short of any incident this time but had to shake my head as I rode past the same riders that caused the crash last week sprawled out on the rode holding various injured limbs.

We hit 30min, but no 2 lap sign. The crash was still being cleared. When the board was finally lifted it was on for young and old. Everyone was fresh after a few slow laps (necessitated by the clearing of bodies). The bell sounded and for the last lap and a small group went up the road I could hear Frank in my head "F... em. Let em go!" they were pulled back coming up the back strait and just then a skinny little guy who looked like he was riding me commuter took off toward the hairpin. I jumped on his wheel and followed up the inside. As we came out of the last corner side by side I looked across at him and saw he was maxing out I knew I had the pack on my wheel (I didn't know they were mostly Bastardi).

I kicked hard and then I was riding in silence for the first time ever coming down that straight, no whooshing of deep wheels, no groans of bikes and riders. I was on my own! I looked back as the line came toward me fast John Blank was a few lengths back but I was well clear. Rolling over the line was one of the best feelings in cycling so far! I rolled back up to the bastardi camp elated and exhausted and leaned on my bars up walked Homburg with a big grin on his face. He reached out his hand and said "congratulations... And welcome to C grade." SW

Walker with the pain face on, a familiar site at races.

Jimmy Clough, BG kits in the mail!
Photos via CSA by Chameleon Photography

1 James Clough
2 Alan Gill
3 Jason Braiotta
4 Shawn Kasbergen
5 Brett Barnes

1 Samuel Webb
2 Jon Blank
3 Leo Simmonds
4 Chris Harper
5 Steve Walker

I'm stoked with the BG's progress in the racing scene. We now have four in D's, soon 3 in C's (including JB), 3 in B's (including JC) plus some alliances and a couple looking good to move up to A's. It's great how well we have done as a group racing and supporting each other, its an ambitions I've always had for the BG's, but was never sure it was possible to get a group of mates from different ages and skills, racing hard for each other across the grades. There is strength in riding with and for each other wether racing or not and it just makes it more rewarding. Race with mates, means even if you don't win, your mates win is still a victory! Thanks BG for putting it all on the line and racing hard and fair. FS