Monday, November 21, 2011


Image via Epsom Road Studios
This was my (MT) first big test since deciding that a ride to the beach and back was not going to make me a cyclist. Last year I did the 60km course and hurt for a week after being beaten home by a bloke dressed in a Gorilla suit (... sadly a true story). This year it was the 100km.

It was exciting to ride to the start and then leave with the BG Group heading off as a pack. Frank, Homburg, Sam and others took off leaving myself, Craig and Karpy to form our own BG train and building some decent momentum on the expressway, which is an awesome ride. Feeling good as we headed along the beach we rotated through the lead and past a number of groups. I hit the base of Willunga Hill feeling strong. Being careful not to blow up, I took my time up the hill. Karpy waited at the top (...many thanks) whilst Craig kept going as he had developed a sore back and was afraid to stop. It was my first time on Willunga Hill. A bit of a grind but not as hard as I was expecting. I was surprised how long we were in the Range going up and down before finally descending and the last 20 or so km’s were tough but manageable.

I was looking to break 4 hrs and came across the line in just under 3hrs and 40 mins doing the distance without a break (.... which was satisfying for me). As a guide, I finished the 100km earlier this year then I finished the 60km last year. Many thanks to the BG (.... particularly those at the front) who have helped me start to develop into a half respectable cyclist. I would have kicked that Gorilla’s ar*e this year. MT

Thanks to Mike for sharing, defiantly worthy of the title cyclist! Heaps more photos in the full post. FS

Image via Epsom Road Studios