Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Times on the Day.
Great turn out for the TT Sunday with 18 out despite the light rain. Great to see the group strong with mix of new and old members. Thanks to all for turning out. I know allot of BG’s did PB’s, or went close, awesome considering it’s early in the season for most.

Some great times added to the board but ride of the day defiantly goes to the gentle giant, Mike Tilley.  Nearly going sub 20min in his first BGTT. His effort slotted him amongst BG's with what Billsy likes to call ‘mountain goat’ builds. MT producing an estimated 275w in the process, roughly 15-20% more than the BG’s surrounding him. Mike’s efforts, are evident every week, great to see him producing a decent time, but I know he’ll go faster, so look out at the end of summer!

Reports from both the groups on the rest of the ride were positive. In the PLH group we held together for allot of the climbing as well as the flat sections making it an excellent group ride! See full post for the full times board. FS

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