Sunday, November 20, 2011


It appears I was late to the party on this one. A few BG found this site months ago and have already been logging lots of miles. I only just spotted the link on Cycling Tips and thought i would check it out. STRAVA

On first inspection STRAVA looked allot like the other GPS based cycling sites and for the first few rides I logged that's all it seemed to be. I only started to notice some of its more interesting features when I logged a SCUZZI ride. STRAVA allows members to plot out sections of road (Sectors) which are automatically timed  using your GPS data from your cyclocomputer or smartphone. When I logged the ride a bunch of little icons popped up indicating my ranking across these Sectors, PB times and a KOM. This becomes particularly useful for rides like the Current BGTT series where STRAVA will automatically work out your Nortons time for example and rank you on a list of all STRAVA members who have at any point ridden up that section of road.

The other neat feature is the ability to follow other members. You can check up on other riders and even pull up direct comparisons, great for stirring up some healthy competition. But on the friendlier side you can also give kudos and comment on big efforts by friends.

I will be setting the BG up as a team on the site n hope to see a few of you setting and smashing PBs over the next little while.

Check it out.


PS. basic membership is Free!!!