Tuesday, January 24, 2012


“2 days after the tour ride the plan was for a nice and easy beach ride to breathe some life back into tired legs. With the re-opening of the bridge at Glenelg we did an old favourite; Glenelg to Bower Road and back to Evida for coffee. I got caught at a set of lights with Frank on the way down the Highway and being the caring bunch of blokes (and lady) the group didn’t bother to slow down (apparently the group thought only Frank was left behind). I tried my best to stick onto Franks wheel as he caught the group, but eventually my lungs caught fire. We re-grouped at the bay and Brian took charge which saw a pace line down Military Road and back. As usual Brian broke the strong discipline of the group and went for the sprint points.

At Evida there was time for recovery with special mention to Frank who recovered with a coffee some cake and a Corona! (Frank can provide details of his night before! Fair to say that even hungover his is a bloody fast rider). After Evida myself, Brian, Michael, Aldo and Mark Duncan headed to Outer Harbour for an easy extra few kms (Brian’s description). Despite the headwind Brian flogged the rest of us and the easy cruise to Outer Harbour saw us sitting on 33 – 35 kph. Big Mike did more than his share of pushing into the wind for which I was very thankful. We headed home through the city and by the time I got home I had done 82 kms at an average of over 30kph including cruising into the city to meet the group and a slow cruise after Brain eventually turned off at East Terrace, at which time the pain finally ended. So much for an easy recovery beach ride I felt worse than after the tour ride. Big thanks to Brian because I know the pain will be worth it. CL