Monday, January 23, 2012


Mike taking his pre-race stretching very seriously!! Via Adelaide Now
So as usual, send any race reports you wanted uploaded to I thought this years route was the best one I have done. three decent climbs, and no real crappy flat parts with a headwind. The decent after Mt Pleasant was awesome, and Karpy and I still deserve our 10 minute reduction in time for the work we did up the front carrying a group of close to 50 riders 20kms into Bethany.
Mengler's wasn't as bad as I remember, and I'm beginning to come round to Frank's philosophy of not doing the course first.

I can't talk highly enough of the job some of the BG lads did in putting together the Willunga Hill KOM party on Saturday for Norwood Cycling Club, Rapha, and Cycling Tips. It was without a doubt the best part of this years TDU for me. Well done, Frank, Jon, Kate, Pip and Mr & Mrs Smith and to anyone else I forgot.

Lastly, a big thanks to Steve Walker for riding to Willunga with me, it helped me keep my sanity!