Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hills Ride + Renditions Time Trial
Apologies to Warwick, Dan & Hugh and anyone else affected for the mix-up between the program and the actual ride last Sunday, the program was altered to allow those people who race to still partake in the upcoming BG time trials, and unfortunately I didn’t check the changed program, before posting the ride.
Given this was the case, I’ll be emailing this week’s route to everyone. I’ll try to do that whenever there is an obvious change to the program. However, for back up, always check the front page as it has the most up to date info.

Sorry, but I’m going to hijack the ride again this week, in the hopes that it’s not just me who is excited by the rendition homes individual time trial up Norton Summit. This week’s ride will be in the hills and will allow those interested, to finish near the top of Norton Summit and check out SA’s best riders go head to head up one of Adelaide’s favourite climbs.
This could be one of the best opportunities to see Jack Bobridges’ record broken for a while, so hopefully there will be plenty of BG’s cheering on the locals. I just spoke with Alan from Super’s and his prediction is it will take below 12 minutes to win it. (On the off chance he ever reads this blog, thanks again for fixing my wheel)

A map will follow on the blog when I get a chance to draw it. However this week’s ride will be up Gorge Road to the Cudlee Creek Cafe with a number of options to get home.
Easy: Descend back down Gorge Rd
Tough with one long climb: Gorge – Corkscrew – Montacute – Ashton – Nortons
Tough with lots of ups and downs: Fox Creek – Basket Range – Forest Range

Meet at Hindmarsh Square 7:30am
or Tower Hotel @ 8:00am

I’ll be at a buck show Saturday night so make no promises beyond being at Norton Summit at some stage.