Thursday, May 31, 2012

SUN 03.06.2012 – HILLS

Plenty of options this week, though it’s all about climbing to Adelaide’s Highest Peak, Mount Lofty.

Easy option – Up Nortons, past Ashton, and then up to lofty returning via the Old Freeway to the city.

Hard Option – Up Montacute, then Lofty via Marble Hill and Ashton. Descend the old Freeway.

Hardest Option – Up Gorge Road, then Corkscrew, Montacute, Marble Hill and Ashton to get up Lofty and again descend down the old freeway.

None of these rides are that long. I’d suggest the first would be 50km from the city, the second 60, and the hardest 75km. However, they all pack a bit of a punch in the altitude column,

Plan was to meet at Nano’s after the ride.

8am @ Hindmarsh Square

8:30am @ the Tower.

No surgery for me, but I won’t be back until the beach run next week.