Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boyd Cycling Vitesse

Since raving about these wheels for a couple of weeks I have received a few questions about what I think of them and subsequently where to get them so I figure a blog post is in order.

They are the  Boyd Cycling Vitesses. I found these wheels online after reading in some random conversations on various cycling sights that they may represent better value than another low volume wheel builder SOUL (SOUL being good light wheels but where running a standard 20mm width and cheaper spokes and hubs.)

The Vitesses have been around for a while but the latest incarnation runs a 22mm rim with a 28mm depth this supposedly makes the wheels slightly more aero due to a better tire/rim interface. This change in the cross-section of the tire is supposed to lead to improved handling and more comfort (at the right tire pressure.)  There are a number of other wheelsets being offered on Boyd's sight from slightly heavier clincher wheels good for everyday training to super light weight tubs to 88mm!!! time trial smashers. the Vitesse though is the only wheel at this stage in the line up running the new wider rim and so far in my experience makes an excellent compromise between a race ready wheelset  and a set that will handle everyday abuse (read the reviews).

All of Boys wheels run Saipim CXray spokes and quality steel bearings. There is also a crash replacement policy if you destroy your wheels in ANY sort of accident you can ship them back and have them rebuilt for $100+$2 per spoke that needs to be replaced (more for carbon rims)

Ps Boys offers all his wheels in a stronger build option. For a few more dollars and a slight weight penalty you jump to a 24-28 spoke option that will stand up to heavier riders, crappier roads and 2000 watt sprinters alike.