Friday, July 6, 2012

SUN RIDE 08.07.2012 - BEACH

Yep, after the quick hi-jack last week to celebrate the birth of the BG's, the new kit, and the tour de france, it will be third beach run in a row, given the recent weather, that's probably just as well.
Should be plenty of sun this week. However, expect a nice chilly run down to Outer Harbour to start the ride.

MEET HINDMARSH SQ 8AMSTART Outer Harbour - Henley + Glenelg - City, 70km

Normal Outer Harbour run to Henley but with additional loop down to Glenelg Marina and back to Henley (+10km) Coffee @ Evida. Remember hold your line through the roundabouts

Sprint points:Outer harbour round about - Light pole before round about (regather)

Trimmer Parade - Bus Stop 31 before Intersection (regather)

KOM - Mt Patawalonga round about

Henley Esplanade - to the pub (henley beach rd intersection)

I'm currently going stir crazy with the flu, and beginning to think that the chances of me ever actually getting back to some level of fitness on the bike are a far fetched dream, still at least I am seeing more of the tour de france than normal. If you hear any news reports about a man who has hacked of his left leg above his knee, and is completing repeats up cement hill, just smile and know that it is me working my way back to beat Brian.