Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Who ever did & organised the new logo header graphic (think i know who/whom) - it is f#cking Awesome!! Can't wait to wrap my self in the new kit and smash it thru the hills with the boys - ladies always welcome! Missing the BG rides dont take my absence as a sign of not being keen, NCC need me though, so been putting in mad effort bring em up to speed with media and training rides. Cant wait to not race in a supers kit and smash round for BG pride in some races later in the season! Might even BG it up for Nationals!

And if i hear yall been slacking in my absence i'm going to seriously have to come and crack the whip! Amy's rides approaching boys get keen. Lot of talk about racing Crits, not much action, disappointing!

Less chit chat, more cadence! FS