Saturday, December 28, 2013


Another hijacked ride courtesy of SDW due to overdoing the pain lives here ride.
Hills ride leaving from Hindmarsh Sq 0730, Belair road, Belair nat Pk, Saddle hill Rd, Sheoak to Crafers, Lofty Scenic Drive to Marble Hill Rd and return via Montacute  (bail out options at the old freeway, Greenhill and Norton.) 

Sunday, December 22, 2013


In what turned out to be a pretty devastating crash this morning, Alf and Aldo both came down hard at the back of the bunch just after Outer Harbour.

Aldo came off second worst with plenty of lost bark and some bleeding and bruising, but Alf has managed to come off worst with an undisplaced fracture of the pelvis.

No weight bearing and an 8 week recovery for Alf, with 1-2 weeks out for Aldo.

It's a terrible start to the Christmas break for both of them and on behalf of the BG we wish them both a speedy recovery.

On this note, we wish all the BG riders a very safe Christmas break, as many are upping the km's ahead of the TDU ride and we hope that there are no more injuries.

Alf and Aldo, on behalf of all the BG guys we hope that you manage to salvage a good Christmas despite today's crash and we look forward to catching up with you both either on or off the bike soon.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013


If you've ever watched one of those Rapha videos and thought I'd love to ride there......well now you can.....and you probably already do every weekend.

Small cameo from club captain Frank at the 2:00 mark, and again Frank is climbing at 2:47.

The credits list Bastardi Gruppetto at 5th place with a time of 6 hours 17 minutes, which should be enough to let you know this was no easy day out. Well done to the guys that rode it....there's no way I could have done that sort of time.



Yep, it's that time of the year when Brian leads the BG crew on some reconnaissance riding following the BUPA challenge route.

Full map here

Follows the old freeway, down to meadows, echunga, and onto the KOM at Myponga. Here we will leave the rest of the route and head back to Adelaide via South Road to Aldinga, Old Coach Road to Seaford,  Take the bikeway along side the southern expressway to Darlington, then South Road to Daws Road, Winston Avenue, Grange Road, and Unley Road back in to the city.

Usual theme for these rides is to stick together as a group. Depending on numbers we may split in to two groups. However, no-one will be left by themselves.

Hindmarsh Square - 7:30am
Toll Gate - 8am
Bollards - 8:40am

Regroup. Leave Bollards at 8:45am
Further regroups at the top of the biggest hills (after Meadows, Mt. Compass & Myponga KOM)
Coffee/Chat at somewhere suitable after the myponga KOM.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013


And you thought Henry wears some kooky shit on the bike
Submitted from the wild with only the slightest critique “I have nothing against this kit, nada, and I have nothing but loves for the track bikes. But what le faque is up with the socks? If you are going loud match the matchup my man!!!”
via WTFKits

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sunday Ride 1st December - OLD FREEWAY TT


Old Freeway Time Trial
7:30am - Hindmarsh Sq
8:00am - Mobil Servo Bottom of the Freeway

9:00am - Bollards

Easy ride - Hahndorf via Aldgate Valley Drive/River Road (leaves Bollards at 9am)

Easier ride - Hahndorf via Picadilly/Greenhill/Balhannah (leaves Bollards at 9am)

Hard ride - Hahndorf via Picadilly, Lenswood, Lobethal, Woodside (leaves Bollards at 8:45am)

All rides to return via Aldgate Valley.
Hard ride will give roughly 100km, Easier 75-80, Easy about 60km,
Wait for group at top of any decent climbs.


Friday, November 15, 2013


Meet Hindmarsh Sq @7:30
Or Tower Hotel @ 8:00

Norton TT then usual Pain Lives Here options.

Coffee @ Norwood Pde

Friday, November 8, 2013

SUN RIDE - 10.11.13 - SOFIE'S RIDE


A ride to recognise Alf and Chris becoming grandfathers this time last year.

One of the strengths of the BG is it’s diversity. We have grandfathers riding alongside Bowden Series riders. We have A grade, E grade and Weekend Warrior. Those who ride everyday and those who struggle to get out on the bike every so often. Joined by a common theme ... we love riding our bikes.

This week for Sofie’s (next year Sophie’s) Ride we celebrate that diversity. It would be great to see some old faces and some new ones. To those who have been thinking of coming out ... now is a good opportunity.

Meet Hindmarsh SQ @ 7:30

Usual BG Beach Ride. We will begin with a gentlemanly pace down Port Rd. Usual Sprint Points.

Coffee @ Evida. The proud Grandfathers have kindly offered to shout coffee and cake!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Apparently we are not awesome. Not an opinion. A published fact.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013


AMY's RIDE Meet in Hindmarsh Square to ride to flinders @ 7.15am (leave @ 7.15am sharp ) will ride at a steady pace to Flinders. Meet @ Flinders around 7:45 if you want to ride straight there, meet at trees behind the goal posts on the oval, If all else fails look out for BG jerseys BG Beach Ride Those not doing Amy's Ride but looking for a Sunday roll to the beach meet @ Hindmarsh 8:00am


Big Congratulations to Steve Balmer, Dan Guzej, and Chris (not sure of your last name but goes on Strava as Dunny) for undertaking their charity ride throughout the Month of October. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be out this week, but it would be good if those going out this Sunday could throw in a fiver each at the cafe stop.

Whilst on charity rides, my likely future brother in law, Chris (different Chris), will be undertaking a 1000km charity ride with his Dad, this coming April - Supercycle which raises money for Cancer Patients from the QEH.  Should you want to do the ride or donate, check out the link.

To help with fundraising, Chris has received a signed and framed 2011 Cadel Evans BMC Jersey celebrating his win in the TdF. This is authentic (it was sent to us from Jason Bakker – Cadels manager) and not mass produced. Size is approx. 75cm x 95cm.

We have decided to offer the jersey through a silent auction being held at our quiz night. 100% of proceeds go to SuperCycle for The Hospital Research Foundations project of providing accommodation to country cancer patients receiving treatment at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

As not everyone can attend the quiz night, if you or any of your friends would like to bid on the jersey we will accept email bids before the night (insured interstate delivery is possible – at the cost of the purchaser).

The current bid and reserve price is $1,000, although some of Cadel’s jerseys can sell for over $3,000.

To bid or for more information please contact me on 0417 826 663 or .

The silent auction finishes at the end of our quiz night on 15 November 2013.


Monday, October 28, 2013


Sammy redeems himself after crashing out last week - it looks slow it's cause theres a 60km/h gale force side wind - hence the cameras a bit shaky! Awesome ride by Sammy breaking away with 5 min to go in awful conditions, great ride!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

TDU - Challenge ride

Please note - given the pain in the ass it's been to log the name bastardi each year, and now that the kit has bastardi on the ass - there will be no official BG team jersey for this years challenge ride. the ride program will still be structured to allow for those wanting to do the ride to get some fitness, and I'm sure plenty of BG will still ride, it just won't say bg on your challenge top.

Speaking of training - The Norwood ride on saturday will be a good way to get some kms in before Amy's ride in a few weeks, and the TDU in the longer term. You should be aiming to do the number of kms you plan on riding on the TDU this year, across the course of 1 week by now (e.g. if you plan on doing the 160km ride, try and ride 160kms each week)- so take advantage of the longer runs on offer over the coming months. Alternatively, the tuesday night Scuzzi ride, has plenty of BG's heading out most weeks when they are not racing crits at Vic Park, and is a good way of adding 50kms to your weekly total.

And a big thank you to Aldo for organising this the last few years!!!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Saturday Ride

Yep that's right its a change in the program again.
This week to help celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the Norwood Cycling Club, the weekly ride will be changed to a Saturday.

In support of BG's Frank and Pete Smith, who have done a great job in resurrecting the Norwood Cycling Club as one of the great clubs in the state and possibly even country, we want to show them how much better it can be with some more BG's involved in the events.

The ride will leave the clubrooms ( 7 George Street, Stepney) @ 10am and will head to Lobethal via Nortons and return via Gorge Road. The ride will be split in to groups meaning any of the BG will be more than capable of completing the ride. There will be a lunch at the clubrooms from 2pm so for all teh details check out :

For those not able to make it, then rock up at 8am on Sunday at hindmarsh square, where I'm sure a few will still be keen on heading out on a recovery ride. However, if you are planning on doing Amy's ride, are interested in supporting Frank & Pete, or juts genuinely like getting out with teh rest of the BG's then please make the effort to head out on Saturday.

see you there


Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Cause I can we are riding to the beach this week. Homburg and i are going to be tearing ourselves a new one in the Rapha Gentlemen's Race on the Saturday so a nice beach roll is in order! FS


Lot of BG's a rolling deep these days (40-60mm deep rims). Here is the best tip you will ever get - make sure you carry long valve spares - simple. Also 60mm valves often don't clear 50mm rims - confusing. I roll continental as I've never got a bad product from them - German.

The main tip here is get some of Continentals Valve extenders and put one in your spares kit with the little valve tool. This enables you to convert any continental tube and some other manufacturers into a long valve. These are much better then standard valve extenders that just screw on and leave the valve open buried in the rim. The Conti extender removes the valve point and puts it on the end of you extender giving you all the functionality and air tight nature of a standard long valve! The tool also allows you to tighten the valve in to the valve body if it comes loose.

These have saved me more then once with double flats allowing me to use a mates short valve on deep rims! Also I take a valve out of a punctured tube and put it in the extender ready to go so if you ever get the pesky bent valve while fixing a puncture you can just bin that sucker and replace it in seconds with no need to take the tube out of the tyre. FS

Friday, October 11, 2013


Having been part of the team that agonised over the BG kit design for both the MKI and MKII versions of our kit, when I see stuff like this I can only imagine how much effort went into making this look so simple and stylish. Inspiration for MKIII?

jersey.jpgsquare images for website_0000s_0003_Layer 1.jpg



NCC 081013 A grade Sprint from Norwood Cycling Club on Vimeo.

NCC A's running the break down on Tuesday night hitting 70km/h in the still conditions.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

SUN 06.10.2013 - Cudlee Creek


Will stick with 8am for now to avoid confusion.

Cudlee Creek - Via Tower Hotel & Gorge Road.

Easy return - Head straight back down Gorge Road

Longer Return - Lobethal or Fox Creek

Hardest return - Corkscrew/Montacute/Lofty

8am Hindmarsh Sq
8:30am Tower Hotel


Monday, September 30, 2013


Little Video project from the Weekend, sprinting in the little ring! Juniors have smaller gears to stop them over powering their growing joints and to develop good pedal technique, it sort of handicaps them too and keeps the racing closer. Makes it look like they're sprinting well fast!

Get on the Norwood Cycling Face book page and like the heck off of some of the new content we are getting up there. FS

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Gents the crit season is upon us and now is the time to get involved. Nothing goes down in a D or E grade race that doesn't happen in a BG sprint! Its a lot of fun and a real rush.

3 race licences are cheap at around $50, and is taken of the price of a 6 month of 12 month licence. Licences taken out from october are 15 month licences and include insurance while racing and training (riding). See A grade video from this week on face book for some inspiration, this is obviously the top guns, nation level riders, I'll post d grade sprint later and you will see what I mean about parallels to the BG sprint.

The club is looking to innovate so if you love your cycling and want to join a club looking to build a great social scene Peter (Dad) and i are keen to get good blokes like the BG's involved. Club membership for recreational riding licence to do sportifs, team time trials are around $30 dollars. If you have any question ask Peter or my self.

Peter is now the President of the Norwood Cycling Club, the oldest club in Australia and the southern hemisphere. It's a privileged position
and already he's doing great things around the club.

We have our 130th anniversary coming up event on the 26 october from 2pm at the club rooms, food and drink provided. BG's are more then welcome, the rooms are a cycling enthusiast dream dripping in paraphernalia and historical images of racing adelaide at the turn of last century! I'll post the flyer with details.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Gotta make room for a new race bike so I'm selling my BG flavored oppy. Large size with ultegra 10sp will be selling with a set of equinox tubs and Conti tires. Photo attached. happy to answer any questions. Get in touch with Sam.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Meet: Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00.

Harder Option: City - Belair - Saddle Hill Rd- Mylor - Hahndorf - return

Easier Option: City - Old Freeway - Mylor - Hahndorf - return

Coffee @ Hahndorf

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

SUN RIDE 15.9.13 - BEACH

City - Outer Harbour - Glenelg - Henley - City. Meet Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00am.

NOTE: we will leaving city via North Adelaide due to City to Bay.

Usual BG Beach Ride and sprint points.

 Coffee @ Evida

Friday, September 6, 2013

08.09.2013 - SUN RIDE HILLS

Belair - Cement Hill Return - Coffee at Glenelg
Easiest Option - Do a flats ride and meet everyone at Glenelg around 10:30 - 11am

Easy Option - Belair Road, Blackwood, Main Road, Blacks Road, Majors Road, Ocean Boulevard, Wheatsheaf Rd, Glenelg via Esplanade

Harder Option - Belair Road, Blackwood, Main Road, Chandlers Hill Road, Main South Road, Majors Road, Ocean Blvd, Glenelg

Meet @ 8am - HINDMARSH SQ

Meet @ 9am - Belair Road BP (Top of Hill)


Friday, August 30, 2013


City - Outer Harbour - Glenelg - Henley - City. Meet Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00am. Usual BG Beach Ride and sprint points. Coffee @ Evida

Thursday, August 22, 2013


City - Old Freeway - Hahndorf - Return

Meet Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00
      Or Bollards @ 9:00

Coffee @ Hahndorf

Friday, August 16, 2013


A team-mate from the JDRF ride that a few of us are doing early next year just has had 2 bikes stolen from his house yesterday.  Taken were his Pinarello  and Orbea Sherpa MTB.

Just in case you or some friends hear of anything please let me know so that I can pass it on to Stuart.



City - Outer Harbour - Glenelg - Henley - City.

Meet Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00am.

Usual BG Beach Ride and sprint points.

Coffee @ Evida

Monday, July 29, 2013

TDF - what to do when there

So like most cyclists you've probably wanted to go to the tour to check out the action at some stage, maybe climb Mt.Ventoux or the Galibier, maybe hang out with all the crazy people at dutch corner? None of that take your fancy? why not jump over the lead tour riders as they are climbing....

Cheers to Gatesy for the link!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SUNDAY RIDE 28.07.2013


The good old pain series in reverse!

Easiest option: Up Old Freeway, Over Lofty, and down Nortons.

Easier option: Up Old Freeway, Over lofty, Greenhill, Deviation, Basket Range, Down Nortons

Hard option: Up Old Freeway, Over Lofty, Greenhll, Swamp Road, Lenswood, Basket Range, and down Nortons.

Hindmarsh Squre @ 8am
Tollgate @ 9am

I'd suggest given that we'll all still be together after the old freeway that most shoudl be able to do option 2 and still get back together.

See you Sunday



From Tobias

"Hi All,

After a good work out this Sunday I wanted to invite you to drop in to our Pedal Prix team who are competing this Sunday at Vic Park.  There will be over 190 cars on the track!  I’ll be there from 8am helping the team get set up and co-managing the team throughout the 6 hour event.  Come down and check out the thrills of 3 wheel racing, the crashes at the bottom of the straight and you might even be able to bump into Pat Jonker, who’ll be racing. 

Look out for the Roof Rack City banners, that’s our pit we are on the southern end of the main straight.  Hope you can drop by and offer the boys some encouraging words.  To find out more about the series check out the website:"

Monday, July 22, 2013


If you ordered some new kit in the last round, its arrived. I've sent you all an email, but if you are in the city during the day, its in my office so drop by and pick it up.


SUNDAY RIDE 21.07.2013

Only three out yesterday lads.
Flat roads, Brilliant sunshine, Not much wind, Perhaps a little chilly

DH - via AW

Saturday, July 13, 2013


City  - Montacute (shortcut - Nortons) - Lofty - Norwod

Meet Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00.
      Or Tower Hotel  @ 8:30

Coffee @ Norwood

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Chopping em down the inside to perfection!
What a lead out!
Show us ur kick!
Giant Killer!

Monday, July 1, 2013

 Le Tour Prologue, on FOX - This show is awesome if you have FOX get on it!  Sooooo much better the Cycling Central, while funny, it also cuts the crap and the slow paced manner of SBS. Fast, funny & on the money! With a preview of the course each night, and guaranteed laughs, I hope it becomes a staple show for FOX! If only these guys where commentation instead of tweedle dumb and tweedle dee on SBS! 10/10 for last nights prologue show can't wait for tonight's!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


City  - Old Freeway - Hahndorf - Return 

Meet Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00.
      Or Bollards @ 9:00

Coffee @ Hahndorf 

Friday, June 28, 2013


Tandem Racing at the Gumeracha Race this weekend and BG's Own Neil Representing! If that s not inspiring i don't know what the fark is! Dude started riding around piloted by a retired old grey haired power house (#legend), on a his and hers tandem, rides with with the BG's every Sunday he can, just stoked on riding with the boys and now he's racing road races in the middle of winter doing hard man Km's! Dude cant see where he's going, what the Fark is your excuse! Neil proud, super stoked, good luck, inspirational! FS


Am I the only person that finds it strange the back ground shows a convicted drug cheat striped of the Tour title in the back ground, and yes my team name is Boss, and yes i can pull it off, and no you can't, and yes my team is boss, feel free to copy - but no the name! If you don't know who "I am"  don't bother looking at this page again ever again!

Get on board the tipping MG a gentlemen as always has stepped up and organised something around here!
Your mini-league has been created!
Your league name is: BG Tipping
Your password is: bg

Thursday, June 27, 2013


How to know your a BOSS with CAV:

Rainbows, check. 
BRIT pimp ass jersey, check
In form, fit as fark, slim jim, Check!
Refered to as 'Missile', check
Over 100 Pro wins, Check!
More TDF stage wins then fingers, check!

Yes you are a BOSS! FS

Saturday, June 22, 2013


We def need to get this Lana on BG ride she'd luv it! FS

Come on baby, let's ride
We can escape to the great sunshine...
I gots a taste for men who're older..

Friday, June 21, 2013


Beach Ride this Sunday (I know, last week kind of was as well, but its Hahndorf next week)

8am, City, usual spot.

Coffee @ Evida

(I swear I thought I'd run out of 'beach ride' images, but it's harder than it looks to find anything remotely safe for should see the stuff I reject)

Sunday, June 16, 2013


City  - Hallet Cove - Glenelg - City

Meet Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00.

Coffee @ Glenelg