Saturday, March 23, 2013

SUN RIDE - 24.3.13 - KKK

KKK - Kat Killer Klassic

Meet Hindmarsh Sq @7.30am
or Tower @ 8.00am

KKK Lobethal loop - Norton's - Forest Range - Lenswood - Lobethal
Cuddly Creek - Gorge - Adelaide -  76km

Short cut : From Lenswood - Fox Creek (Coldstore Rd) - Cuddly Creek - Gorge - ADL. 69km

The Kat Killer Klassic honours the anniversary of one cats tragic death and Dave’s spectacular fall. For those not in the know early 2009 David C, an original BG and mad cyclist took a bad fall when his paths crossed with a suicidal kitty that resulted in the cat ending up in Dave’s front wheel and subsequently jamming into his fork effectively stoping his front wheel ‘dead’ and ejecting him into the bitumen. The cat survived the ordeal but passed later that night.

The BG can’t thank the owner of the cat enough for her assistance with an unconscious David and we respectfully hope the cats death was not to traumatic – R.I.P.P