Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Lot of BG's a rolling deep these days (40-60mm deep rims). Here is the best tip you will ever get - make sure you carry long valve spares - simple. Also 60mm valves often don't clear 50mm rims - confusing. I roll continental as I've never got a bad product from them - German.

The main tip here is get some of Continentals Valve extenders and put one in your spares kit with the little valve tool. This enables you to convert any continental tube and some other manufacturers into a long valve. These are much better then standard valve extenders that just screw on and leave the valve open buried in the rim. The Conti extender removes the valve point and puts it on the end of you extender giving you all the functionality and air tight nature of a standard long valve! The tool also allows you to tighten the valve in to the valve body if it comes loose.

These have saved me more then once with double flats allowing me to use a mates short valve on deep rims! Also I take a valve out of a punctured tube and put it in the extender ready to go so if you ever get the pesky bent valve while fixing a puncture you can just bin that sucker and replace it in seconds with no need to take the tube out of the tyre. FS