Thursday, October 24, 2013

TDU - Challenge ride

Please note - given the pain in the ass it's been to log the name bastardi each year, and now that the kit has bastardi on the ass - there will be no official BG team jersey for this years challenge ride. the ride program will still be structured to allow for those wanting to do the ride to get some fitness, and I'm sure plenty of BG will still ride, it just won't say bg on your challenge top.

Speaking of training - The Norwood ride on saturday will be a good way to get some kms in before Amy's ride in a few weeks, and the TDU in the longer term. You should be aiming to do the number of kms you plan on riding on the TDU this year, across the course of 1 week by now (e.g. if you plan on doing the 160km ride, try and ride 160kms each week)- so take advantage of the longer runs on offer over the coming months. Alternatively, the tuesday night Scuzzi ride, has plenty of BG's heading out most weeks when they are not racing crits at Vic Park, and is a good way of adding 50kms to your weekly total.

And a big thank you to Aldo for organising this the last few years!!!