Thursday, January 30, 2014



Griffins Head - AGM @6pm / Dinner&Drinks @7pm

Figured it was time for some discussion following a drop in numbers on this years hills rides.
Hoping to get a few more ideas of routes like the pain series that allow the different abilities within our groups to meet up for coffee still.

If you want to head along to provide input I ask you to have a think about routes that you have enjoyed, and that can be altered to cater for everyone.

would also like to ensure there are a few more of us able to update the route notices on a more regular basis.



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014


For those doing the TDU Ride the meeting point at the Unley start line is:

near Café Luno Rosso from 5:45am. Its inside the marshalling area past the 20kph zone and toilets.

Good Luck to everyone riding.

Monday, January 20, 2014


For the first time in BG racing history we had someone racing in every grade yesterday!
Dan Guzej rode in E grade at Uraidla, and did awesome with a second place in his first race
Andy T, and I raced in D Grade with Andy holding on a bit longer than me, though neither of us managing to hold on for a place.
Homburg, was well placed in C-Grade though not quite in the prizes.
B-Grade ran a hot pace and saw Shaun hang on for about 7th place, and Henry finish early, with Sam Webb and Frank in A grade also a bit off the pace in what was a blustery day around the course.

Well done to Dan on his 2nd place, and will look forward to racing with you shortly in D grade!

feel free to check the lads out at Vic Park tonight and Wednesday night at Vic Park racing starts at 6pm.
Check for details

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SUNDAY 19.01.2014 BEACH

This Sunday is the start of the TDU, and for the first time ever, I'm taking some time off next week and following the tour. I know others will be doing the BUPA challenge, the ride for juvenile diabetes, or the ride like crazy.
I think we hijack the program again and have a beach run the next two weeks given those likely to be away or doing other rides.

Usual Beach run 7:30 @ Hindmarsh Square
For those not doing any rides and still wanting a hit out I suggest heading up Cement Hill after the beach run, and returning via Black Road, Blackwood and Belair.

For those interested in watching some racing for cash that isn't quite at the pro's level, come check out those of us racing at Uraidla on Sunday, and Vic Park on Monday and Wednesday nights. Monday night there is $2000 up for cash for A-Grade so expect some serious racing that night. Check the NORWOOD CYCLING website for more details.

Good luck to everyone participating in whatever events they've decided to partake in, and if you're not participating then at least get out and watch the pro's. If the nationals are anything to go by,  it should be a quality race.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Longer ride, the last serious hit out for those of you completing the BUPA Challenge...

Option 1. Turn around where ever you like.

Option 2. Meadows via Belair, Clarendon, Kangarilla - Return the same way (approx 80km)

Option 3. Meadows via Belair, Clarendon, Kangarilla - Return via Mclaren Vale & Coast to Vines Trail. (approx 110km)

Hindmarsh Square: 7:30am
Top of Belair Road (BP): 8:15am