Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SUNDAY 19.01.2014 BEACH

This Sunday is the start of the TDU, and for the first time ever, I'm taking some time off next week and following the tour. I know others will be doing the BUPA challenge, the ride for juvenile diabetes, or the ride like crazy.
I think we hijack the program again and have a beach run the next two weeks given those likely to be away or doing other rides.

Usual Beach run 7:30 @ Hindmarsh Square
For those not doing any rides and still wanting a hit out I suggest heading up Cement Hill after the beach run, and returning via Black Road, Blackwood and Belair.

For those interested in watching some racing for cash that isn't quite at the pro's level, come check out those of us racing at Uraidla on Sunday, and Vic Park on Monday and Wednesday nights. Monday night there is $2000 up for cash for A-Grade so expect some serious racing that night. Check the NORWOOD CYCLING website for more details.

Good luck to everyone participating in whatever events they've decided to partake in, and if you're not participating then at least get out and watch the pro's. If the nationals are anything to go by,  it should be a quality race.