Tuesday, February 18, 2014


New kit is now available to order, but get in quick as orders close on MARCH 9 2014.

We can also order from the full range of stuff, which means if you want socks, gloves, arm warmers, jackets, winter jerseys etc you can go for it. 

The instructions on ordering are

By following these step by step instructions you should have no problems ordering and paying for your order online.

If you've ordered before you can use your existing CS DIRECT account.

Follow the basic steps below to place your CS DIRECT team order.

2. Top right hand corner click CS DIRECT LOGIN

3. You will be presented with a login page. Here you need to enter the username and password
(both are "bast").

4. You will then be presented with a personal login page where you will be required to set up your own individual account.

5. Once this is done you will see the MY ACCOUNT page where your CS DIRECT TEAM order will be listed – simply click ORDER NOW

6. You will be presented with the MY CUSTOM ORDER PAGE. Here you can order the items you want for your team order. You will see the designs that have been set for your team.
Simply select the item you are after, follow the order process, enter size and quantity just like
any other online store shopping cart. As you follow the process you will be asked to confirm
your order – you can add more items or checkout.

7. Once you finish the order process you will be presented with the payment page. The only
payment method accepted is credit card. You will also note at this stage that the CS DIRECT
administration fee has been applied to your total.

Once you confirm your payment an order summary will be emailed directly to you.

8. Delivery – Your order will be delivered 4‐6 weeks after your team CS DIRECT order is closed.

Your order will be individually packed and delivered with all your other team member orders
and freighted to your team manager for distribution.

You’ll need to know what sizes you want, for each bit of kit.

 Regarding sizing’s – jerseys, I have an XL Club Cut . As discovered on fit night, race cut jerseys are for grey hounds only - ie VERY F...ING TIGHT! Bib sizing is fairly standard.