Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Back when some of the BG’s began getting more serious about training, losing weight, or just starting to think about racing we used to run a thurs night foothills session, that aimed to complete an undulating route with decreasing climbs at an average of 30kmh.
Since then many folks have dropped some weight and gone on to race, they’ve also found other group rides to do. I thought we could review some of the group rides each of us do, as a way of letting others in the BG group know where (if welcome) they can keep their fitness up during the week.
I’ll start with one of the most welcoming rides....
Tuesday night leaving Scuzzi @ North Adelaide, heads to outer Harbour and back (out by Grange and the esplanade, back by Lady Gowrie Drive and Port Road).
Scuzzi has been going for over 10 years, it caters for every level of rider from beginner to A-grader. What started out as 3 obvious groups has grown in to around 5. There’s an anal can’t go over 32kmh group. A slower group than that, that takes short cuts. A 6:05 group that goes out at least as hard as the middle group, but appears to be a bit safer. A middle group that at times gets more than a bit crazy, and a little loose with the road rules. Finally, there is a fast group that at times can seem quite comfortable, but when you hit military road, no matter whether there is a head wind or a tail wind, you better be prepared for biting your handlebar tape and regularly breaking 50 kmh.
The riding is great in any of the groups, but it’s the banter along with the $10 special meals and $5 wines and beers that I think keeps people coming back. If you have ever considered racing, then get out to a couple of these first. Find your group, and feel your bike handling improve and average speed increase with every week. You will find fellow BG out every single week of the year even through winter, so get out there, and give it a go.