Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunday Ride 30/03/2014 - Hills Ride #3 - Pain Lives Here

Hi everyone

Well this weekend the pain returns.

             a. Easy – Nortons/Basket & Forest Range/Deviation Road/Norwood
             b. Hard – Nortons/Lenswood/Greenhill/Norwood

Meeting times
             7:30am in the City
             8:00am at the Tower

Weather for Sunday is mostly sunny 32 degrees with winds from the North East.

We know the meeting time is getting closer to dawn but we are going to wait until the weekend daylight savings ends before changing the later start times. That way there is only one time change.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sunday Ride 22/03/2014


This Sunday its back to Beach ride number 1 otherwise known as old faithful. Just in case you not sure which one that is the route is

City, Port Road, Victoria Road, Outer Harbour, Esplanade, Military Rd, Glenelg, Evida's for coffee.

Meet in the City at 7:30am

Apologies for not posting a ride last week. All 3 of us were flat chat at work.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sunday Ride 9/3/14 - Beach ride 2 Hallett Cove

Given its the long weekend we have opted for the shorter beach ride.

        Hallett Cove – via Goodwood/Seacombe/Cove Train line (coffee at Glenelg)

Forecast is a fine day 34 degrees wind 15-25kph so should be a cracker along the top of the cliffs.

Check out this map on MapMyRide: 53.1 km BG Beach Ride #2 Hallett Cove
Distance: 53.1 km 



This is an amazing link to have a look at. I was in this part of NZ recently and in real life it looks exactly like these photos.
(click through for link)