Friday, August 1, 2014

Lets make an Effort this Sunday

With all due respect. The  Numbers for the Sunday rides have been bloody abysmal over the last couple of months with only 2 or 3 riders on some weekends. The weather has been cold but  the sun was shining with light winds. In short great riding weather as testified by lots of other groups on the road.  

Lets all make the effort and get out this Sunday; our club is only sustained by participation and the Sunday rides are the regular event around which our group is based. 

We can have a chat over coffee and decide if we should make any changes over winter to keep the numbers up. 

This Sunday is the Venerable beach ride number 1  for those that have forgotten (its been that long)

Outer Harbour via Port Road – usual sprint points, option to Glenelg and back. (coffee at Evida)

Meet 8 am in the city. 

The weather forecast for  Sunday is 5-15 degrees Mostly sunny. Light winds.

So there are no excuses!!!  

As the directeur sportif points out it's only 6 months to the TDU and 3 months to Amy's Ride. Given the lack of  numbers I suspect many of you are feeling (or looking) like the Michelin man at the moment. 

(if you leave it any longer and I might beat you up a hill and then where would you be)

For a little inspiration here is the map and profile for the TDU ride for this year. You will note the 1800 metres of climbing that includes Sellicks hill.