Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sunday Ride - Beach Hallett Cove - 17th of August

Sundays Ride is Hallett Cove - Beach Ride #2

Usual Meeting Time 8:00 am in the city.

Numbers were down last week again and a couple of wheel mechanicals made it a tough day all-round. This week has small hills for those looking to ease back into the vertical metres so I expect to see a turn out in the teens again.

I think we should get some of these for the Bastardi shop. Those Tramps are a real nuisance.

Cycling ads, late 1890s

As per the requests I have enabled moderated comments on the Blog. I won't be able to look at them every day so as long as people are happy to wait a couple of days for a post to appear we will give it a trial run.