Friday, January 16, 2015

TDU Week is Here.

Okay apologies for the late update, 

Sunday is the start of the TDU and of a number of other Rides are one as well that I know several of our group are participating in 

Given the number of people doing other rides, I will follow the pattern set from previous years and the BG Official rides for this Sunday and the next is the Outer Harbour to Anzac Hwy Beach Ride departing 7:30 am from the City.

For those doing the Ride like Crazy the meeting point as usual is by the entrance of the Unley Shopping Centre and Under the trees in the South Eastern corner of the Oval at the finish.

I will put a Bupa Challenge specific post on the blog next week.  If anyone is planning a Ride associated with the TDU and wants me to post it please drop me a note

Good Luck whatever your Ride is over the next week, say safe and enjoy the TDU.