Friday, February 13, 2015

Cyclo Sportif - Angle Vale, Sunday 1 March


Tobias asked me to post this. We have talked about entering a BG team in the Cycling SA Sportif series. The next one is hosted by Central Districts on the 1st of March at Angle Vale. 

Is there any interest in putting a team together? If so we can discuss on Sunday.

The team size must be at least  2 and no more than 9. 

Where do the BG's stand? On a quick back of the envelope calculation assuming I am the slowest rider the BG's at a normal Sunday pace would carry my sorry ass to the line safely top 5 on the short distance and lower mid table on the middle distance. 

Whats Involved.

Who can ride in a Cyclo Sportif?

Riders of all ability can participate, as day licence permits are included in the entry fee for non-CA members. Otherwise, CA members must have a Silver/Ride, Junior (U15; U17 or U19), Masters or Elite Gold/Race Licence.

How does the Cyclo Sportif work?
The concept is very simple. Your team leaves from a designated start point together and you ride the distance nominated by your Team Manager (most events will have two or three distances to choose from).
The object of the event is for your team to ride and stay together;
  • If one of your team members has a mechanical then all the other team members should stay with that rider while they fix their problem. 
  • If you have a ‘slower’ team member, then all team members should drop their speed back, so they all ride together.
  • Each rider assists the other rider in their team, eg, the strong riders protect the less experienced riders, but all team members have a role to play in getting to the finish line. 
  • Each team will depart the start line at one minute intervals and be provided with an finishing time. 
  • When your team crosses the finish line, your last rider's time is the one that is recorded. So the object is to stay together and work as a team.
These events are run with council & SAPol approval. Corners where traffic may need to be stopped are manned by accredited traffic marshals. Corners where teams need to be advised to turn are manned by corner marshals. Medical personnel are also in attendance during the event.

The Details


On Sunday 1 March, Central Districts CC is hosting the next round of the Cyclo Sportif series at Angle Vale. 
Get your teams together for 2 laps, 3 laps or go long with 4 laps. Finish the event off with a free snag and drink to celebrate your team's effort!

Route Distance: 2 laps - 37.2 kms, 3 laps - 55.8 kms, 4 laps - 74.4 kms
Course Map: Download here
Entry Fee: $15 U15 - U17, $25 U19 - Masters, $30 - Non CA members (plus $5 if on the day entry)
Team Composition: Riders can nominate to ride as an individual or in teams of two or more (no more than nine riders per team